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LED Portable Motion Sensor Light LED Portable Motion Sensor Light

LED Portable Motion Sensor Light

Independent Maker

Full Details

  • Flexible tripod allows for quick and easy installation
  • Magnets for attachment to any magnetic surface
  • Magnetic plate for attachment to any non-magnetic surface
  • MotionSense technology that detects motion in dark environments with a 13 foot detectable range, 100° field of view, and 30-second auto-shutoff
  • Activates 1,000 times before new batteries are needed
  • Made in China
Plastic, PCB-A, LED bulb, rubber
One light, one flexible tripod, one magnetic plate, screw and anchor, user manual. Requires three AA batteries (not included)
IP Rating
3.5" x 3.75" x 4.25"
0.38 lb
Independent Maker


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LED Portable Motion Sensor Light

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The Lumenology Portable Motion Light is a universal LED light that can be used virtually anywhere. The flexible tripod and magnetic base provide versatile installation options that help you see from any angle. It's also equipped with MotionSense technology, boasting a 13 foot detectable range and 100° field of view in dark environments, making it a perfect way to enhance any security needs.


Lumenology was created with the sole mission to create a versatile, portable light that can brighten any environment with ease. Maker Rock Smeja wanted to simplify home security by removing the need for wiring, permanent fixture installation, or using your chin to hold a flashlight. Secure the light using the flexible tripod or the magnetic base to brighten up any table, deck, yard, room, cabinet, closet, or any dark space in seconds. You can even magnetize it to the hood or wheel well area of your vehicle when performing maintenance.

Lumenology uses MotionSense™ Technology to trigger the ultra-bright light when it detects motion within 13 feet. Better yet, the light will only activate in the dark, extending the life of your batteries. The three-positon switch gives you the option to leave the light on, switch the light off, or switch to the 30-second auto shut-off mode. more Their Story