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  • Blue-Enriched White Light Therapy Glasses by Luminette - 1
  • Blue-Enriched White Light Therapy Glasses by Luminette - 2
  • Blue-Enriched White Light Therapy Glasses by Luminette - 3
  • Blue-Enriched White Light Therapy Glasses by Luminette - 4
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Blue-Enriched White Light Therapy Glasses

Full Details

  • Instructions: Charge your Luminette® and turn it on. Select your desired intensity level. Use it in the morning for 20-30 minutes per day depending on the light intensity you choose. Make sure light emitted sits across eyes. See user manual for more information
  • Ergonomically designed, one-size-fits-all design with adjustable nosepiece
  • Compatible with glasses and contact lenses
  • Features three luminance intensity levels and built-in timer
  • Please note: Not suitable for ages 12 and under or for persons afflicted with eye diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and other eye afflictions
  • Made in Belgium
Plastic body, LED lights
One light emitting visor, one hard case, one USB charging cable and adapter, operator manual, lanyard, temples extension, dusting cloth, adjustable nosepiece
Full charge lasts one week
Assessed annually to comply with European CE marking, compliant to International Standard IEC 62471, which classifies it as eye-safe
6" x 2" x 1.5"
0.13 lb


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Blue-Enriched White Light Therapy Glasses

starting at $199.00
Luminette® is a wearable light therapy visor that helps to combat SAD and sleep pattern disorders. Wearing the glasses for 20 minutes will help relieve jet lag symptoms such as insomnia, sleepiness, and physical and intellectual fatigue. The light received tells your body to stop producing the sleep hormone melatonin and enables you to feel more awake at the time you want.
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Luminette® works by emitting rays of blue-enriched white light that simulates the benefits of sunlight, while excluding ultraviolet and infrared rays and helping to combat the “winter blues”, elevate your mood, and readjust your sleep patterns. This light sends signals to your inner body clock, which controls the sleep rhythms of your body. Your body thinks it’s been outdoors and soaking in sunshine, providing a boost of energy and lift in your mood. Luminette® is the result of four years of research and development by a team of scientists and researchers from the University of Liège in Belgium. The team includes specialists in sleep disorder medicine, optical physics, ergonomics, and industrial design, whose combined work and expertise has culminated in this convenient new approach to light therapy.
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