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LYNXHooks Gift Set LYNXHooks Gift Set

LYNXHooks Gift Set

Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Materials: Solid rubber, weather-resistant woven polyester, nylon mesh bag, ABS hooks and buckles
  • Care: Wipe with damp cloth
  • Gift Set includes: One Stash Bag (two 10" bobtails, two 12" bobtails, four gear grabbers, two pairs of LYNXHooks tie-downs, and a drawstring mesh bag) and an additional pair of LYNXHooks
  • More versatile and durable than a bungee cord
  • Link hooks for multiple tie-down configurations
  • Constructed with uncompromising quality
  • Interlocking hooks to securely tie down your belongings
  • Adjustable stretch strap to precisely fit your cargo
  • Quick-release buckles make it easy to unload your gear
  • Attach LYNXHooks together for greater length while maintaining strength
  • Use bobtails for when your anchor point won't accommodate a hook
  • Use gear grabbers to grab outdoor fabrics without ruining them
  • Includes medium size nylon mesh bag to store all your LYNXHooks accessories
  • Recommended weight capacity for LYNXHooks tie-downs is 25 lbs.
  • Made in China and the Dominican Republic
  • LYNXHooks straps adjust from 19" to 45" and are 0.6" wide
  • Dimensions: Mesh bag: 8" x 11"
  • Weight: 1.75 lbs.
Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


5 avg. (6 reviews)

lynx hooks gift
11/01/2019 by lisa
easier travel with these lynx hooks ...always needing ways to attach and hold bags together...this really helps
Worked as they claimed
06/26/2019 by John
Self explanatory
Hubby's helper
06/20/2016 by Marjorie
Thy have tied down numbers things in the back of his truck. No complaints so Id say its a winner!
Perfect For Any Military Person!
09/16/2015 by Tex
As for the warriors in the military... these are fast to use, lightweight to carry, and small to stow. Every COMBAT ARMS soldier that I know simply LOVES the LYNXHooks and when other soldiers see them, then they want them! Military folks can be hard to shop for when it comes to gifts. However, this could be the easiest gift you'll ever find because even if someone has ONE set already, you'll still make their day because you can never have enough LYNXHooks!!!! We carry tons of 550 cord with us, but these could easily cut that way down, so don't be afraid to buy more than one set for your favorite soldier!
Worked great
07/19/2015 by kaitlyn
I got these for my dad and ended up using them when I was moving a friend to her new apartment. They were really easy to use and I loved the adjust straps. Our other option were the regular straps my dad has which are way to long and usually means I have to wrap the straps around furniture multiple times to get it set. These were so much better than that and really easy to use.
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LYNXHooks Gift Set

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The LYNXHooks Gift Set allows you to build a complex, customizable system for securing cargo or tying down items anywhere. Interlocking hooks and straps let you configure a web tailored to the task at hand and do things that bungee cords can’t do, while BobTails and Gear Grabbers offer even more functionality.


What do you get when two office workers and two farmers join forces? LYNXHooks--a system for securing cargo that beats bungee cords, hands down.

The idea happened when Karen Hayes was on her car roof, tying up bags for the dump. A bungee cord snapped, flinging her to the ground as husband, Dan, watched helplessly. To invent a better solution they enlisted input from neighbors Ed and Dan Fehringer, retired potato farmers. The crew created LYNXHooks, a customizable network that provides safety and security for both the user and the light-utility cargo being tied down.

Tough tiedown straps easily become the precise length needed. Make each shorter or longer with a simple tug, or link them together. Then form a web customized to your cargo. Specialized attachments like Gear Grabbers and Bobtails loop around bars, clamp on hard edges, and even grip onto tarp or canvas without damaging it.

Made of premium solid rubber and protected by weather-resistant woven polyester, LYNXHooks are ready for the elements. The entire system is a versatile, dependable way to secure gear wherever you’re going. more Their Story

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