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Self-Standing Coconut Palm Broom

Full Details

  • Outdoor garden broom extends and retracts, adjust it wide (12") or narrow (6") as needed for the task at hand
  • Self-standing design for easy and compact storage
  • Great for all weather conditions, especially rain and snow, wet or dry
  • For cleaning patios, decks, driveways, concrete walkways, doormats, and garden paths of leaves, seeds, small sticks, debris, gravel, and small rocks
  • Made in South Korea
Natural coconut palm
One Self-Standing Coconut Palm Broom
(extendable) 44" x 3" diameter - 62" x 3" diameter
1.9 lbs

4.5 avg. (12 reviews)

Sustainable Living

Self-Standing Coconut Palm Broom


Adjustable, self-standing design · Outdoor clean-up jobs · Lightweight and durable
Sweep up outdoors with a coconut palm broom that makes quick work of dirt, leaves, and even light snow. It’s lightweight, durable, and has adjustable bristles that can expand and compact back down. This efficient broom can even stand up by itself between patio, walkway and more clean-up jobs.
Sustainable Living


Madambee Maker Yung-il Kwon helped clean up his neighborhood every Sunday, and it made him realize he needed a better sweeping tool. He was inspired by coconut palm brooms he saw in the Philippines and decided to improve on that traditional design. Yung-il’s lightweight and durable broom has those tried-and-true coconut palms that work so well at sweeping up outside, but because his design is adjustable, it’s more versatile. The bristles can expand and compact down to suit the task at hand. Best of all? This broom can stand up on its own when its work is done.