Vintage Apothecary Color-Tip Matches

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  • Fireplace matches are 10” long and includes approximately 100 matchsticks
  • Original matches are 3.5” long and includes approximately 100 matchsticks
  • Mini matches are 3” long and includes approximately 65 matchsticks
  • Each bottle features a striker for convenience
  • Please note: These are safety matches. You must use a striker (included) to light them
  • Made in China
Bottle: Glass, wood; Matches: Wood
Fireplace: 12.25" x 3.1" diameter; Original: 6.25" x 3" diameter; Mini: 4.25" x 2" diameter
Fireplace: 2.25 lbs; Original: 0.625 lb; Mini: 0.375 lb
Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


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Vintage Apothecary Color-Tip Matches

Colored matches bring retro flair in a vintage-inspired glass bottle with a striker built right in. Available in so many colors, they’re ready to glow in three sizes for starting a fireplace, candles, or incense.

Made Market Co.

Made Market Co. comes from mother-daughter duo Susan Karline and Jordan Ottley, who started a brick-and-mortar store in Hays, Kansas. Mom Sue steers the business side, while daughter Jordan specializes in graphic design. Together, they create and curate precious and useful items that add vibrance and fun to every home.

Their colorfully-tipped matches continue that tradition with a vintage-inspired twist. With tons of colors and in three sizes, the matches are perfect for pairing with beautiful candles, incense, firepits and more, and make for a striking housewarming gift. They’re perfectly presentable in an apothecary-style glass jar that has a striker, so you’ll be ready to glow in no time. more Their Story