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Clean Skin Bamboo Pillowcase Set Clean Skin Bamboo Pillowcase Set

Clean Skin Bamboo Pillowcase Set

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  • Materials: 100% organic bamboo
  • Care: Machine wash cold, delicate cycle, tumble dry low
  • Includes: Four organic bamboo pillowcases with each side of the pillowcase embroidered with the days of the week
  • Made with naturally antibacterial bamboo fabric
  • Sleeping on a different side each night reduces skin’s contact with the bacteria, dirt, oil, and dead skin cells that can lead to blemishes, breakouts, or uneven skin textures
  • Conveniently embroidered with each day of the week so you never forget which side is the clean side to sleep on
  • Oeko-Tek Standard 100 Certification
  • Fits queen/standard sized pillows
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions (each): 20" x 30" x 0.01"
  • Weight (each): 0.375 lb
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


5 avg. (2 reviews)

Love These Pillowcases
10/15/2018 by Rachel
These pillowcases are very soft and well-made with the days embroidered on each one. They would make a lovely gift. (I gifted them to myself.) I have problem skin; I always have, and I don't know that my skin has been better since using these, but I certainly feel better about using them. I tried sleeping on silk pillowcases, but I feel like they made me sweat. I couldn't get used to them. These did not require any time to get used to! They felt nice and cool to the touch from the first time I put my cheek down. Now, I just need someone to change the rest of my sheets for me everyday. Oh, and I would like someone to iron them for me too! Thanks.
Pure Heaven
02/15/2018 by Joe
Lot to be said for having the DAY of the week on each pillow case NOW I know when to change My skin is so much better now almost pure perfection.
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Clean Skin Bamboo Pillowcase Set

Give skin a breathable place to rest. This antibacterial pillow case set is made from organic bamboo, which naturally thwarts germs and dirt. Each side of each case is embroidered with the days of the week—plus a blank side for laundry day—to gently remind you that changing it more often is better for skin. (Your complexion will thank you.)

Madison and White

Kamela Hurley heard the buzz about the benefits of using a satin pillowcase for hair that stays shiny. She tried one out that felt less-than-luxurious, so like any good Maker, she decided to create her own.

After finding the just-right fabric, Kamela gave her DIY satin pillowcase a try—and was amazed to wake up without any bed-head or face creases. She started Madison & White so other ladies could share in the same rise-and-shine delight.

Satin is a smart choice for hair because it is so smooth, strands glide across the surface. And because the fabric doesn’t absorb any moisture (like cotton does), it won’t dry out hair or skin.

Kamela also created a bamboo pillowcase to boost healthy skin. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and breathable, so it thwarts dirt, oil, and germs while you catch up on your beauty sleep. The set of cases are embroidered with the days of the week to remind you it's a good habit to change them more regularly—and to give your face an ultra-clean spot to rest. more Their Story

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