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Abstract Anti-spill Coffee Mug

Abstract Anti-spill Coffee Mug

Independent Maker

Full Details

  • Materials: Polypropylene
  • Care: Dishwasher safe—top rack only
  • Anti-spill technology—bi-stable valve
  • Twin wall construction for thermal insulation
  • 360-degree drinking—drink from any direction
  • Increased aroma ensures you can fully taste your drink
  • BPA-free
  • 100% recyclable
  • Maximum Fluid Capacity: 16 fl. oz.
  • Please note: Not microwave safe. Cannot be sealed or closed—always keep cup upright
  • Made in the UK
  • Dimensions: 3" D x 7" H
  • Weight: 0.28 lb.
Independent Maker


2 avg. (5 reviews)

Works great!
05/15/2018 by Jenny
Never spills
not what expected
12/27/2016 by Sara
This cup was disappointing. The pop up center keeps sticking and it leaks when tipped.
Very Disappointed
11/01/2016 by Diane
Disappointed with several aspects: 1. The cup insulation was not enough for holding a cup of hot coffee without a handle. 2. I had difficulty every time putting the top on the cup. Frustrating! 3. Too expensive. 4. Loved the idea, it's just not there yet.
difficult lids
09/09/2016 by Heike
Although the idea was great and useful, the lids were too difficult to attach.
Gimmick not worth the price
05/26/2016 by Not Impressed
Was in need of a good travel mug and am not impressed with this one, especially for the price. Insulation is OK, size is a bit smaller than I would like, and the anti-spill feature really isn't all that good. I did have a spill problem with this cup in the car. I double-checked the lid was screwed on tight but had some issues drinking. It is a convincing gimmick but I really don't have a problem spilling my coffee all the time so my dime store travel mugs work just fine, and keep my coffee hotter longer. I considered returning the mug but didn't want to go to the trouble so it sits in the cabinet and is used by others in the family every once in a while (usually when all the other travel mugs are dirty).
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Abstract Anti-spill Coffee Mug

Bumps and falls are no match for this anti-spill travel mug, thanks to a unique lid. Even in the face of jostling in the car, on the train, or in your hand, drinks stay safely contained. And if the cup tilts over on a table, the lid snaps shut almost instantly—so you might suffer a splatter but not a big spill. “360-degree drinkability” lets you sip from anywhere around the lid while letting the coffee’s aroma waft out and enhance your drinking experience.


This anti-spill travel mug offers a better way to drink coffee (and other beverages), while keeping them safely in the cup.

The magic of Magicup is its innovative lid. Your drink stays contained even if it’s bumped on the subway or jostled in the car. And the 360-degree drinking design lets you sip from anywhere around the lid. There’s no designated drinking hole—walk or drive without needing to look at the cup.

If the cup gets knocked over, the lid’s center snaps shut almost instantly, preventing a major catastrophe. A splash may escape, but that’s it.

Another benefit from the 360-degree lid is that it lets your coffee’s aroma reach your nose, heightening the flavor experience.

The only thing we don’t recommend is tossing the cup in a bag. It isn’t designed for that kind of transport. But in your hands, on a table, or in the car, this cup cuts down on spills and creates a better way to enjoy your java. more Their Story