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Powerful Key Ring Magnet 3-Pack

This Made in the USA magnetic keychain ring has strong powers of attraction. It can carry up to four pounds, organize nuts and bolts, track paper clips, find studs, or hang your keys. Whether you’re using it to hide spare keys or give your tool belt a magnetic pocket, it’s a small addition that is endlessly helpful.

  • Strong and durable, holds up to 12 lbs
  • Rust-proof military-grade design, works in temperatures from -30¬∞ to 150¬∞ Fahrenheit
  • Can be used to hang, hide, and organize keys
  • Gives tool belts a magnetic touch point when inserted in pocket
  • Can be used as a stud finder or to keep track of paper clips, pins, sewing needles and more
  • Can be used to organize bits, nuts, bolts, and screws
  • Can help clean up metal shavings
  • Perfect for the handyman or contractor
  • Fits on any wall receptacle
  • Great for cars, boats, tool belts, key rings, or motorcycles
  • Compact, portable design
Made in the USA


A powerful key ring magnet and key ring


(each) 0.63" diameter x 1.13"


(each) 0.19 lb


Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic, neodymium rare earth metal


Keep dry of salt water, keep out of fire



Smaller than a quarter, but strong enough to carry four pounds, this little magnetic keychain can perform herculean feats for its size. MagnetPAL is Made in the USA from neodymium rare earth metals, then compacted and coated with rust-proof plastic. It can organize nuts and bolts, track paper clips, find studs, and help you hang, corral, or hide your keys. Instead of slipping a spare set of keys under the mat, now you can try all sorts of new magnetic hiding spots—like under the gutter. And if you need a handy helper, MagnetPAL can attach to your hand tools to hold bits, or give your tool belt a magnetic pocket. It’s a small addition that does a lot of heavy and helpful lifting.