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Harmony Ball Necklace

Harmony Ball Necklace


Soft chiming sound created by an internal xylophone An ancient tradition made modern
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  • Xylophone inside pendant produces a relaxing sound
  • Made in China
Harmony ball: Silver plated copper; Chain: Stainless Steel; Lanyard: Nylon
Spot clean as needed
Classic style: One heart charm, one pink lanyard, one blue lanyard, and one black lanyard. All other styles: One charm and one stainless steel chain
Chain: 42"; Ball: 0.5" x 0.5" diameter
0.1 lb
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


5 avg. (2 reviews)

12/09/2019 by Karen
Live my new necklace. It has just a slight tinkling sound and is very nice. I love wearing it.
Special gift for an expectant mother
12/06/2019 by Connie
Got this for a friend. The soft tinkling sound is quite soothing.
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Harmony Ball Necklace

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Soft chiming sound created by an internal xylophone An ancient tradition made modern
This harmony ball necklace is as soothing to hear as it is good looking to wear. An internal xylophone chimes with a relaxing sound that—according to ancient tradition—evokes a guardian angel for an expectant mother and child, or anyone looking for a little extra luck.


MAMIJUX is the creation of Makers Alessia Pignat and Doriana Garofalo. The duo drew from experiences working in multinational companies to craft new mom jewelry with roots in several countries.

An angel caller chime necklace evokes ancient traditions in Mayan, Balinese, and Celtic cultures, where it was believed to provide protection by beckoning a guardian angel with its calming sound. Perfect for expectant mothers—or anyone who needs a little extra serenity—the elegant charm lends timeless harmony to a meaningful milestone. more Their Story