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Smart Numbers + Letters Learning Toy Smart Numbers + Letters Learning Toy

Smart Numbers + Letters Learning Toy

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  • Materials: Hardwood, metal, and silicone
  • Care: Gently wipe with damp cloth
  • Apps designed by education experts and inspired by Montessori learning methods
  • Promotes motor and sensory development
  • Languages include English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch
  • Letters and numbers designed to be gentle on tablet screens
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and battery-free functionality
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Letters Individual Blocks: 2" x 1.5" x 0.25"; Numbers Individual Blocks: 2.75" x 2" x 0.25"
  • Weight: Letters: 1.51 lbs.; Numbers: 0.93 lb. Smart Numbers:
  • Comes with 10 Smart Numbers, 0-9
  • Operates with free Marbotic Smart Number educational apps: "10 Fingers," "Up to 100," and "More or Less" available on Apple Store & Google Play
  • Teaches number identification, counting, and adding/subtracting skills
  • For use with tablets only. See Compatibility Chart
  • Recommended for ages 3+ years Smart Letters:
  • Comes with 26 Smart Letters, A - Z
  • Operates with free Marbotic Smart Letter educational apps: "Alphamonster," "Vocabubble," and "Bla Bla Box" available on Apple Store & Google Play
  • Teaches alphabet identification, phonics, words/vocabulary expansion, and extended spelling/reading skills
  • For use with tablets only. See Compatibility Chart
  • Recommended for ages 3-8 years


2.5 avg. (2 reviews)

Not as awesome as hoped
12/02/2017 by Jennifer
I was really excited about this and bought it as a Christmas gift for my then 2.5 year old daughter. She was probably too young for this then but now she’s 3.5 (making a lot of progress learning her numbers & letters) and she is still not interested in it.... The letters & numbers are cool but the app(s) is (are) less than awesome. I agree with another reviewer, would be nice if there was a super basic app. Or generally just more interesting and intuitive apps. It’s a great concept but overall I’m disappointed and wouldn’t recommend it. Perhaps once our daughter is older she’ll get into it.
My kids almost there
01/13/2017 by BuckosDaddy
The software that works with the iPad is a little advanced. I mean, I have a child with special needs (trisomy 21 - "downs")and she's almost six and it's pretty difficult to find the right letters or numbers. She gets very frustrated easily with most of the apps. It'd be nice to have a SUPER BEGINNER module available to help them. What really works is the app where she just has to touch the screen and not find the letters and numbers to grab and place on the iPad. Maybe she'll grow into using all of these but for now it's a little much. I'm sure a normally developing child would tackle these challenges easily but for us it's still a struggle.
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Smart Numbers + Letters Learning Toy

Classic goes connected with this combination educational app and toy. Early learners develop cognitive skills using classic-looking wooden letters and numbers that actually control on-screen play. When they touch the numbers and letters to a tablet screen, the pieces interact with the in-app world. Designed to let kids learn at their own speed, cheerful creatures help to engage—and entertain—as they work on basic math skills, spelling, phonics, and writing.


You might have heard that some studies show kids’ cognitive learning benefits from physical playing. This research led Marie Mérouze to create Marbotic, a smart combination of an educational app and toy.

Marie’s young son, like many kids, loves playing on a tablet. To add a real-world, tactile element to screen time, Marbotic uses wooden letters and numbers that look like traditional toys. But these pieces are more than classic—they’re connected.

The letters and numbers act like a stamp on the screen, their movements make things happen in the digital world. This approach doesn’t just promote learning. It also delights kids who have always been told not to put their toys on the iPad.

Inspired by the Montessori method of self-directed play, Marbotic lets kids learn basic math and language skills at their own speed. A digital world full of quirky characters keeps them engaged and entertained—joining little hands and minds together in a fun, effective way. more Their Story