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18 Piece Magnet Driver™ Set 18 Piece Magnet Driver™ Set

18 Piece Magnet Driver™ Set

by Micaton

Full Details

  • Black torsion bits are made with S2 hardened steel resistant to friction and torsion to allow direct driving with a drill driver
  • Color coded driver bits for easy size identification
  • Seamless one-handed screw driving
  • Magnet driver and nail bit holders holds screws and nails safely, helping to avoid finger injuries
  • Nail holder bit has a double edged profile and powerful magnet to support nail stability and add hammering precision
  • Made in Taiwan and China; Assembled in Spain
Box: PE-HD plastic; Torsion bits: High-quality tempered S2 hardened steel; Nail holder bit: Steel CR-V; Magnet Drivers: Neodymium magnets, ABC plastic, and flexible TPR rubber
Six magnet color coded Magnet Drivers™: One yellow (1/8"), one green (3/16"), one blue (15/64"), one red (1/4"), and two orange (1/4"). Ten black torsion power bits: PH0, PH1, PH2, PH3, SQ2, TX10, TX20, TX25, TX30, PZ2. Also includes one bit nail holder, carrying box, and instructions
5.5" x 5" x 1.75"
0.71 lb


4 avg. (8 reviews)

disappointed consumer
07/20/2019 by Robert
Very disappointed with the product. Try inserting screw bit into matching colored magnet and see how difficult it is, and even worse attempting to remove the screw bit.. Bob Rispoli
Very disappointed in your product
06/28/2019 by Robert
Putting the color-coded screw bits into the magnetic screw holder is extremely tight it has to be forced into the holder and cannot be removed without using a pair of pliers. I have tried each screw bit into the same color-coded magnetic holder and they are all the same. Or am I not doing something wrong?
Great tool
02/14/2019 by Karl
I purchased this for my son. He loves it and uses it all the time. Not only is is a durable tool it works great!
Works very well
10/02/2018 by David
The screwdriver is on the small side but works well. The magnets seem to work well and I'm satisfied with the product.
This is a great set
08/18/2018 by David
I bought this to keep with my drill set , this is outstanding set of drivers
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18 Piece Magnet Driver™ Set

This set of eighteen rubberized magnetic screw holders fits onto standard bits and torsion bits to attract and secure screws. This makes the job easier by holding screws steady (freeing up one of your hands). The heads are color-coded according to size for easy grab-and-go use, and this set includes a nail holder, too.


The rubberized driver heads from Micaton are magnetic screw holders that make tasks much easier—and even one handed.

A powerful neodymium magnet inside each driver head holds screws securely in place, which frees up your hand. The magnets are even strong enough to attract screws out of your tool box or bag, too. The heads (color coded by size) fit on power drills or manual tools, and Micaton has the standard bit and torsion bit sizes all covered with sets of 6, 10, or 18 pieces.

The 18-piece kit also has a magnetic nail-holder that grips nails while you hammer, adding major convenience and a measure of safety, too.

These small-but-smart solutions are easy to keep handy and are ready to lend a hand on your next project. more Their Story