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  • Herb Mill 2-in-1 by Microplane - 1
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Herb Mill 2-in-1

Full Details

  • Perfect tool for chopping and mincing cilantro, basil, parsley, and other herbs
  • Dual action blades cut herbs like scissors without bruising or blemishing
  • One fixed blade for easy assembly and cleaning
  • Integrated stripper with graduated holes gently removes leaves of stemmed herbs
  • Large capacity body is clear to see contents and cutting action
  • Please note: Blades are sharp. Use caution when handling blades
  • Assembled in Mexico with blades Made in the USA
Polypropylene, TPE, clear and natural ABS, stainless steel blades
One Herb Mill 2-in-1
Top-rack dishwasher safe. To effectively clean all components, disassemble the unit into the individual parts. To disassemble, remove the top from the body, hold the Herb Mill with blades facing up and remove the ring from the bottom of the unit by twisting counterclockwise. Using extreme caution, remove the rotating blade. Reassemble in the opposite direction. When placing the blades together, make sure the words "face this side in" are set against the other blade
6" x 2.5" diameter
0.59 lb

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Herb Mill 2-in-1

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Strip and mince fresh herbs · Stainless steel blades
Do two herb prep jobs with one tool. This herb mill has three differently sized holes that strip leaves from stems before you place them in the grinder. Inside, dual-action stainless steel blades work like scissors to chop and mince things like fresh cilantro, basil, parsley and more.
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Microplane Makers Richard and Jeff Grace had woodworkers in mind when they invented a microplane rasp back in 1990. When a frustrated and smart-thinking home baker ditched her dull citrus zester and reached into the toolbox for their tool instead, a eureka moment was born. The idea that, when it comes to woodworking tools, “sharper is better”, turns out to also apply in the kitchen. So all of Microplane’s graters, zesters, and prep gear have super sharp stainless steel blades that are Made in the USA. Whatever kitchen job you’re tackling—from peeling potatoes and grating parmesan to ricing cauliflower and even cutting perfect curls of butter—there’s a sturdy tool at the ready to help. Now run by Richard's son Chris, the team is hard at work developing products with a focus on efficiency and ease of use so you can get to tasty results in a better way.
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