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MedPlanner Medicine Organizer

MedPlanner Medicine Organizer

Social Enterprises

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  • Materials: Binder: Stretch nylon & spandex twill over EVA shell, nylon webbing; Sleeves: Food-grade TPU
  • Care: Spot clean as needed, do not put in the dishwasher. Pouches can be washed by hand with dish soap and rinsed with water. Air dry on a dish rack keeping the pouch open
  • Includes: One hard case with ring system, seven clear zip-top pouch sleeves. Case can fit up to 10 sleeves depending on contents
  • Instructions: Use a dry erase marker to write annotations on your sleeves based on your schedule and needs (i.e. Monday - Sunday)
  • Reinforced elastic grid for holding medical supplies such as diabetic supplies, EpiPens, or inhalers
  • Back fabric pocket with expandable elastic hem for additional medical supplies
  • Silicone easy-open loop designed especially for people with dexterity issues
  • Durable shell protects contents
  • Can hold an ice pack for your medication that needs to be kept cold
  • Removable sleeves feature zip-lock slider that secures its contents at all times
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 8" x 7.75" x 2.75"
  • Weight: 0.4 lb
Social Enterprises


4.5 avg. (25 reviews)

Real handy
10/24/2019 by Lynette
I like the fact that there’s room to put so much in this. Not just your medicines but there’s room to put medical supplies like diabetic testing materials. It’s very good for traveling. I would definitely recommend it.
Great storage box for RX's
10/18/2019 by PAUL
Love it! I loaded up all of m RX's for a week-long vacation to HI and it was great to have it all together in one place and kept me on schedule in taking my meds. I have a separate zipper pouch for my Glucose meter and test strips, so I did not put them in the same box but probably could have. I thought I was going to get the pen to label the pouches but did not get it, I will have to buy one of those to use in the future.
Orders from Outside USA
10/16/2019 by Marina
This is not a review as such. I live in Malaysia and wish to make orders from Grommet. I am particularly interested in this MedPlanner Medicine Organizer and the Magnetic buttons. However I was not able to do so. Is there a way I can make orders for delivery to Malaysia. Alternatively would it be possible to source this from other online shopping.
medicine organizer
09/25/2019 by geri
it's a little bigger than i thought it would be but i guess i won't lose it .... main reason i bought it was to make sure if i forgot to take my meds i'd have a backup for when i got to work i could take them .... added bonus would be that i can put but tester, strips and needles in one place
Replacement pages
09/22/2019 by Max
I purchased two replacement pages since the zipper part came off the tracks. So far so good for these pages.
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MedPlanner Medicine Organizer

MedPlanner Medicine Organizer
MedPlanner Medicine Organizer
Additional Organizer Sleeves

Additional Organizer Sleeves

The MedPlanner Medicine Organizer neatly and discreetly corrals medication, medical devices, and other healthcare essentials. The hardshell, ringed case holds seven zip-top pouches (that you can write on) and has a stretchy grid which works together to organize medication, vitamins, or small devices like an inhaler, EpiPen, or insulin. An easy-open loop was made for folks with dexterity issues in mind.

Mighty Well

Mighty Well Maker Emily Levy lives with a chronic illness and considers herself a “professional patient”. She created an all-in-one medication and medical devices organization hub for folks like her who need to keep these things on hand but don’t want to draw a lot of attention.

Sick of the typical medical-grade offerings, Emily and friends Maria del Mar Gomez and Yousef Al-Humaidhi designed the MedPlanner while still in college. It’s a modern-looking and, most importantly, subtle way to keep healthcare essentials neatly (and discreetly) close by.

Removable zip-top pouches and stretchy bands corral medicine, vitamins, and small devices like inhalers, EpiPens, and insulin inside the hardshell case. And an easy-open loop was made with folks with dexterity issues in mind.

Along with serving as a portable organization solution, Emily’s design gives people peace of mind that the things they need are always within reach. She and the Mighty Well team nailed their goal of empowering people to live life to the fullest, regardless of health obstacles. more Their Story

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