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Extra Inking Pads Extra Inking Pads

Extra Inking Pads

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  • Extra ink for Minestamp personalized label stamp (sold separately)
  • Materials: Polystyrene, polypropylene, ABS, rubber, textile ink
  • Care: Before stamping garment, wash thoroughly to eliminate any trace of starch. Wait at least 24 hours after stamping before washing stamped garment
  • Includes: Two ink pads with indelible ink
  • Each ink pad lasts 1 year or about 1,000 impressions
  • Non-toxic, wash-resistant black textile ink
  • This is not a toy. For adult use only
  • Made in Austria
  • Dimensions: 1.75" x 1.25"
  • Weight: 0.025 lb
Small Business Support


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Extra Inking Pads


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Minestamp helps you clearly label notebooks, book bags, articles of clothing and more using wash-resistant textile ink. This stamp ink refill keeps your Minestamp stamping for about a year—that's 1,000 stamps.


When you were a kid, your mom may have sewn those custom clothing labels into shirts and bags for school or camp. Or, to save a little time, she may have used a laundry marker. Which means, ID-ing your things either took a lot of time, or didn't look very good.

Paco Navaez, a father of three, uses Minestamp, and not just because he came up with it. With Paco's invention, labeling anything from books to uniforms to backpacks is as simple as one press. The resulting ID stamp is clean and clearly legible, using wash-resistant textile ink.

Each Minestamp is yours to personalize, with a set of letters and numbers included and a pair of tweezers to help you set them. With up to three lines of text, add name, address, and phone number or email. More than one child? Simply change the letters for different names. Or, you can save time and just pick up one Minestamp for each kid. Slide a photo or illustration inside the handle of each Minestamp as a fun way to keep them sorted.

This quick, simple way to label your kids' items looks and stays sharp. If only everything about kids were this easy. more Their Story

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