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  • Mini Flip Cup by Mini Beer Pong - 1
  • Mini Flip Cup by Mini Beer Pong - 2
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Mini Flip Cup

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Minneapolis, MN
  • Instructions: Two teams each successively race to empty their little red cups and flip them onto their tops using finger flickin' shooters
  • Compact design can be played on smaller surfaces than traditional drinking games
  • Can be played sitting or standing
  • Please note: Not dishwasher safe
Wooden game board, plastic shooters, and reusable mini plastic cups
Wipe with damp cloth after use
One wooden game board, eight flippers, four rubber feet, one box and instruction card, and twenty reusable cups
21+ if being played with alcohol
22" x 7.25" x .75"
2.5 lbs

5 avg. (1 reviews)

Made in the USA

Mini Flip Cup

starting at $45.00
Mini Flip Cup scales down the beloved drinking game so it’s easier to play (and carry) just about anywhere. The game board is sized for table or countertop play, and it’s handcrafted from locally sourced wood. Flippers and adorably small red cups make the game just as fun as the grown-up version.
Made in the USA

Mini Beer Pong

Buddies Derek Dahl and Sam Buss had the idea to create a mini beer pong game while sitting at a bar (how appropriate) with a stack of board games nearby. After prototyping at a community makerspace, their beer-loving dream is now a reality—and they’ve included flip cup in the fun, too. Their Deluxe Mini Beer Pong and Mini Flip Cup sets are scaled down for tabletop or countertop play. And both sets have boards crafted from locally sourced wood, too. There are catapults and tethered balls to keep things somewhat contained but still lots of fun. And the Travel Mini Beer Pong set has a party (and dishwasher) safe plastic board that houses the game pieces and folds down between parties. All the games have adorable little one-ounce cups, too. Now a lack of space can’t hold you back from playing your favorite party game.
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