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Mini Inspirational Monk Mini Inspirational Monk

Mini Inspirational Monk

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  • Sculptural detail
  • Vibrant, high-gloss finish
  • Made in China
One statue and collectable
1.75" x 1.5" x 2.5"
0.13 lb
Small Business Support


5 avg. (40 reviews)

Cute but not worth the $$
01/04/2020 by Teresa
I bought this to put in my mom's stocking. It wasn't as big a hit as I thought he would be. Its different, happy and a great original gift. In my opinion it is too expensive
Makes me Smile
11/15/2019 by Maria
This little monk is SO adorable and every time I look at him, it brings a smile to my face. I placed him on my desk calculator, and he truly is a little bundle of joy. I enjoy his expression and thumbs up so much I ordered two more for friends. Thank you for bringing happiness to our otherwise uncertain and sometimes scary world with this little guy. He's a little blessing. It's true what they say, "good things come in little packages."
Makes me smile!
07/29/2019 by Judy
Syd is your own little cheerleader!
Cute desk accessory
07/16/2019 by Jaclyn
I occasionally deal with depression & anxiety, and try to boost my mood at work with little things to cheer myself up, like a favorite quote on the wall, or small plants. This is a great little desk decoration that looks cheerful and also reminds me to incorporate some mindfulness meditation into my day.
creates joy!
06/12/2019 by Eileen
Gave a this encouraging Buddha to a few friends that were feeling overwhelmed with stuff at work. Such a cute, encouraging reminder that " You Got This!"
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Mini Inspirational Monk

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Syd is a miniature laughing monk statue with two thumbs up, a joyous smile, and overall good vibes. Each one has a smooth, glossy finish with a different color and meaning. Keep him on your desk, on a shelf, in kitchen, or really anywhere you can see him mid-laugh. He’s a small touch that brightens up the room.

The Suburban Monk

Syd the laughing monk gives you two thumbs up, a joyous smile, and overall good vibes.

This miniature statue comes in a myriad of glossy colors with different meanings. For example, indigo stands for intuition while the more discreet ebony represents protection and elegance.

Maker Ellen Atkins was in a transitional stage of life and found a fun way to cope. She would dress up a laughing monk statue on her desk with affirmations and quotes. It was a simple gesture that brought her great joy. Now Syd brings color and amusement to other people.

Keep this little guy nestled between books on a shelf, holding your rings with his little arms, spreading good vibes in the kitchen, or hanging out on a friend’s desk. Regardless of where you place him, you’ll find him thumbs-up and mid-chuckle. more Their Story