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  • Scraper & Blade Replacement Kit by MiniScraper® - 1
  • Scraper & Blade Replacement Kit by MiniScraper® - 2
  • Scraper & Blade Replacement Kit by MiniScraper® - 3

Scraper & Blade Replacement Kit

Full Details

  • Made in the USA
  • Includes three different blades depending on user preference
  • MiniScraper is ideal for smaller jobs around the house, garage, or workshop
  • Delrin® blades are strong, durable, and flexible. They are a softer material that is best for everyday use and softer surfaces. Long-term fatigue resistance keeps these blades unaffected by repeated impact
  • Polycarbonate blades are stiffer. They handle harder scraping and friction. Therefore, these are perfect to use on harder and tougher jobs such as labels, stickers, or window cleaning
  • T blades give more scraping utility because they are wider and thicker compared to the other blades. Larger blade means they can cover a larger surface area
  • Please note: A razorblade can be used in place of plastic blades. Razorblade not included
MiniScraper: Polypropylene plastic; Blades: Delrin® or polycarbonate
One MiniScraper, ten double-edged Delrin® plastic blades, ten double-edged polycarbonate plastic blades, three plastic T blades
Change blades as needed
Dimensions (each)
MiniScraper: 1.63" x 1.63"; Delrin® Blade, Polycarbonate Blade: 1.38" x 1"; T-blade: 2.25" x 1"
0.103 lb

2.5 avg. (3 reviews)

Made in the USA
Small Business Support

Scraper & Blade Replacement Kit

starting at $11.95
Plastic blades won't rust or scratch surfaces · Ergonomically shaped to reduce fatigue
Scrape stickers and labels away with an ergonomic composite scraper blade replacement kit. The compact, feel-good scraper comes with different types of plastic, surface-safe blades suited to tackling multiple types of sticky jobs.
Made in the USA
Small Business Support


MiniScraper® Makers Mike Hurley and Bill Eldridge are two Mainers who were tired of metal scrapers and blades that could rust and cause damage to surfaces (and themselves). With the help of friends in New Hampshire, they developed prototypes for a compact, plastic model that was easy to use and—with the help of bright colors—easy to spot, too. MiniScraper gets the job done, and with extra safety features to boot. Rather than using metal blades that can rust and cause injury, it has durable plastic blades that won’t rust, scratch or chip surfaces, or cut you. Safe and small enough to put in a pocket, toolbox, or glove compartment, a scraper is handy just about anywhere.
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