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The mino automatically tracks the life of your running shoes. After 400 miles worth of compressions to the mid sole of your shoe, the mino lets you know it’s time for a new pair of sneakers.

  • Made in the USA: Massachusetts
  • Materials: Foam & electronics
  • Six progressive LEDs light up once you hit a certain amount of compressions and indicate the remaining shoe life
  • Walked steps and ran steps are counted differently in the algorithm and are averaged out to fit those that walk and run in the same shoes
  • Soft foam allows mino to conform to the shoe so it disappears under the sock liner
  • Built-in battery and patented algorithm require no charging, set-up, or calibration
  • The mino is calibrated to count 400 miles worth of compressions to the mid-sole of your shoe. Each mile is counted at 600 steps per mile, which is the average amount of steps a runner makes (taking into account height, weight, gait length)
  • Mino recommends that every 3-4 weeks, you lift up the sock liner, press and hold the blue “O” on mino to display the lights, and see how far along you are
  • The mino can go in any shoe, left or right
  • Works in all shoes and for any runner or walker
  • Works wherever you run or walk, outdoors or a treadmill
  • The mino is good for the life of one pair of shoes only
  • The mino can go in one shoe and tracks both shoes at once
  • Sits seamlessly under the sock liner so for those with custom insoles and orthotics, the mino still functions as it is intended to
  • Extra thin and light-weight—you cannot feel it when running
  • An optional “spacer” is provided for the shoe without mino to make sure everything is in sync while running or walking
  • The mino is good for new shoes only, as it doesn't have a way to know exactly how many compressions you’ve made to your current shoes
  • There are four blue lights, one yellow and one red. The red is calibrated at the 400 mile mark. If you like to change your shoes a little earlier than 400 miles, you can change them out when the yellow lights turns on (350 miles). Once you hit the red light, the mino will still function, but it won’t tell you anything other than you’re about to outrun your shoes
  • The mino is 2″ wide and 4″ in length. It rests against your heel and extends just under the beginning of your arch
  • Because the mino can go in any shoe, it works for adults, young adults, teens and children
  • Dimensions: 4" x 2" x 0.1"
  • Weight: 0.03 lb.

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Great product

1/1/2018 by catherine

This product is a perfect way to protect you from an
unnecessary injury


Great gift

11/26/2015 by Candace

I am giving two sets of these for Christmas so I can't vouch for their quality. Great concept, though, if they are accurate.


Love the simplicity

9/3/2014 by Bruce

Simple to load and ready to track. It will be nice to know when to switch out my shoes.


I thought they would make an awesome gift.

8/28/2014 by Marlisa

I gave them as gifts and they were well received.


Great for a daily runner.

2/21/2017 by Gary

My son runs every day. He goes through 3-4 pairs of shoes every year. Now he will know when to buy new ones...for certain.

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Mino - Footwear Compression Tracker

About mino

Keeping Track

Good sneakers are designed to go the distance, but even the best ones start to deteriorate around the 400 mile mark. Keep track of the wear and tear with mino (pronounced minnow), a shoe insert that counts foot compressions, so you know when to replace your runners.

Maker Aaron Burke was training for a half marathon when a foot fracture caused by worn out sneakers, sidelined him. A medical device professional, he set out to help other runners avoid the same fate. His clever mino design has 6 LED lights that are calibrated to progressively light up, as 400 miles of compressions are tabulated.

The mino fits into any walking or running shoe, even children's sizes. It’s so weightless, that it’s nearly impossible to feel underfoot, but for symmetrical purposes, a spacer is included for the other shoe.