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CleanPot Humidifier

Ultrasonic humidification · Filterless and washable · Interchangeable vapor caps

This elegant redesign of the humidifier is a dramatic departure from typical tanks and filters. The sleek, ultrasonic module bobs in the open bowl of water, emitting a fine, cool mist—quickly and quietly. Because of this open design, the parts are all accessible and easy to clean (just use some soapy water), and the vapor is healthier for you to breathe.

  • No filters, no water pump, no internal water tank
  • Refill water without stopping operation and adjust settings with the external control knob
  • Eight hour continuous operation at maximum power, 24+ hour continuous operation at minimum power
  • Interchangeable vapor caps create different shapes of vapor plumes
  • Ultrasonic humidification is instant, nearly silent, and produces cool vapor without heat. Tankless 2.2 gallon output per day
  • Made in South Korea


Includes a "Volcano" and "Tea-Kettle" shaped vapor cap


1" x 11" x 15"


6 lbs


BPA-free plastic


Hand wash



Miro Maker Dong Jin Suh was inspired by his daughter to develop these cleaner humidifiers. In his native Korea, cleaning chemicals used in humidifiers were linked to unhealthy side effects. He wanted to create the cleanest, healthiest humidifier possible—one that could be cleaned thoroughly and effectively with just soap and water. At first glance, the CleanPot and Luma Touch humidifiers look like modern home décor. But behind their sleek exteriors is a floating system that ditches the typical filter and pump and that’s easy to keep clean. There are no tricky, hard-to-reach corners and fewer places for bacteria to grow. You can easily disassemble and wash all the parts, including the water reservoir, ultrasonic mister, and fan. Both humidifiers run quietly, too, so you can enjoy the moisture-enhancing benefits without any distraction.