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Teeth Cleaning Twigs - Set of 2 Teeth Cleaning Twigs - Set of 2

Teeth Cleaning Twigs - Set of 2

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  • Material: Freshly harvested miswak
  • A miswak is a natural teeth whitener taken from the Arak tree, which is grown in healthy soil and free from chemicals and pesticides
  • The miswak is naturally antiseptic and eliminates harmful microorganisms that cause bad breath, mouth ulcers, and gum disease
  • Miswak contains silica, which acts as an abrasive material that removes stains and whitens your teeth
  • Requires no water or toothpaste so you can use it whenever you want
  • Natural resin forms a layer over the enamel when you use the miswak. This helps shield your teeth from microbial action
  • Contains natural essential oils that freshen your breath
  • Each stick will last you 3 weeks of everyday use
  • Comes with 2 sticks that are vacuum sealed for freshness as well as 2 travel cases
  • Made in Pakistan
  • Dimensions: 6" x 0.6"
  • Weight: 0.04 lb
Independent Maker


4 avg. (80 reviews)

Teeth. cleaning twig
11/01/2019 by Dianne
I still haven’t figured out how effective it is. Front teeth feel clean, but can’t effectively do the back teeth.
06/27/2019 by Peggy
Not crazy about this product
Not happy
05/11/2019 by patricia
I had been interested in trying these sticks for some time. However, I don't like them. I am so disappointed. The bits of fibre make my gums red and irritated (I am not brushing too hard either)...the little fibres break off. The middle bit is too hard to really fit right on the teeth, and the surrounding fibres don't touch the teeth...sigh.. I am sorry I bought them and paid so much money for them. The "instructions" are pitiful. Do I wet the brush every time? Should it be dry before putting it back in the case? Will it mold if damp? When should the bark be peeled down and should the fibres be trimmed? No idea, "instructions" don't say.
Natural Cleaning
02/14/2019 by GW
Like that I’m able to use something natural to clean my teeth. Really easy to use.
Never leave home without it
12/25/2018 by Jennifer
I keep one in my purse and overnight bag, so I can clean my teeth whenever I need to. Easy, and thorough. Teeth never felt cleaner.
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Teeth Cleaning Twigs - Set of 2

A 100% organic way to clean your teeth. A miswak is a twig with naturally occurring oils and antiseptics that kill germs and freshen breath, bristles and abrasives that gently scrub and whiten, and resins that protect enamel. No water and no toothpaste is needed, so they work anywhere.

Miswak Club

Brushing your teeth with a twig might sound strange, but the miswak is an ancient method backed by both the World Health Organization and the American Dental Association. People in the Middle East, India, and Africa have been using miswaks for centuries.

A miswak is a Peelu tree branch, which has natural fibers and a list of effective natural ingredients for oral health. Nibble back the bark, reveal the miswak’s bristles, then brush. Naturally occurring antiseptics and oils help kill germs and freshen breath. It also has resins that protect enamel, and natural abrasives like silica and sodium bicarbonate—a.k.a. baking soda—that gently scrub and whiten.

As for the Miswak Club, Founder Rahat Bashar started it after searching for an all-natural alternative to dental products riddled with mysterious chemicals. When he learned about the miswak, he created the “Club” to bring it to others. And he decided to harvest the best kind—their trees are grown in healthy soil that contains no chemicals or pesticides. These miswaks are lightly colored, which means they are fresh and flexible.

Since you don’t need water (or toothpaste) to brush, a miswak is great for camping and other outdoor excursions. One also makes a nice supplement to your normal routine, traveling easily in a backpack or purse. Wherever you use it, it’s a great way to “branch out” when it comes to oral hygiene. more Their Story