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Numerical Tile Game Numerical Tile Game

Numerical Tile Game

by Möbi

Independent Maker

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  • Materials: Canvas carry bag, acrylic plastic tiles
  • Comes with 162 tiles and a blue whale-shaped storage pouch
  • A simple, quick, and addictive number game that can go anywhere and be played in as little as five minutes
  • Helps build arithmetic, cooperative play, visual processing, sequential thought, focus & attention, recognition & identification, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills
  • No pencil, paper, board, or elaborate scoring is required
  • No matter how old you are or how many number games you've played—anyone can enjoy Möbi
  • Designed for solo or group play for up to 6 players
  • The blue tiles are numbers and the white tiles are operations to create mathematical equations that connect in a crossword-style grid
  • Recommended for ages 7 to 107
  • Warning: Choking hazard—contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years of age
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 5.25" x 4.25" x 1.75"
  • Weight: 0.56 lb
Independent Maker


4.5 avg. (137 reviews)

Great gift
07/19/2019 by Beverly
The six year old absolutely loves it and is making up equations by himself and plays with Mom also. Great gift idea.
I got this for my grandsons.
06/26/2019 by Susan
Great fun and so helpful with math lessons. Good material.
Great learning toy
06/01/2019 by Norm
I purchased this to advance my 7 year old grandson's math skills. He loves playing with this.
Great gift idea
05/06/2019 by Sharon
My 6 year old grandson loves this!
Great Idea
04/30/2019 by Cheleste
I love the Mobi tiles and the game sounds fun, though we haven't gotten a chance to play yet. I did notice that I can take the two bags out of the whale bag, with a bit of effort, but they don't go back in very easily. I wish the bag either was bigger and had two compartments or was just bigger so I could put the two different bags back in with ease. I imagine that, as small as the bag is, we'd either have to put them back all loose and divide them out every time (not my favorite) or have to end up abandoning the cute whale bag and go with something that can hold the two sets of tiles separately without the struggle to get them back into a too small container. Excited to start playing and will add to review later.
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Numerical Tile Game

Möbi is a fun, fast-paced tile game that helps kids (and grown-ups) learn and apply basic math skills. Play numbered tiles and symbols to create simple equations. Use all of your numbered tiles first, and you win! Packs away in an adorable blue whale bag, and it’s ready to play on any flat surface.


Möbi is a fun, fast-paced number tile game. The goal is to make simple math equations as quickly as possible—a great way for kids or grown-ups to apply math skills. Plus, it comes in an adorable blue whale.

Players draw blue number tiles, then use them to create simple equations (like 2+3=5) by including white math tiles (plus signs, minus signs, multiplication signs, etc.). Each valid equation is called a “pod.” Keep using your blue tiles to build new equations on those pods, almost like a crossword.

The first one to use all their blue tiles yells “Möbi” to win. Wild card tiles and a few other creative rules make this a great family game. Want to play with younger kids? Just remove the multiplication and division tiles.

With no scores to calculate or paper or pencils, all you need to play Möbi is a flat surface. It’s a great travel, beach, or picnic game. And it can help kids with hand-eye coordination, cooperative play, and automaticity, which is the ability to apply learning automatically without actively thinking about it.

Wife-husband creators Vanessa and Mark Ellingson like classic word games (Scrabble, Bananagrams) that disguise learning as play. They wanted to invent a game their son, Noah, would stay interested in as he grows up.

Whether or not you think you love math, you’re bound to love Möbi. more Their Story

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