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Royals Dog Bed Duvet & Stuff Sack

Royals Dog Bed Duvet & Stuff Sack

Sustainable Living

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  • Duvet fully gusseted with zipper closure
  • Sack can be stuffed with old clothes, towels, blankets, and pillows for a DIY bed
  • Durable, machine washable construction is easy to maintain
  • Water-resistant outer makes for easy accident clean-up
  • Please see weight chart to determine the correct size bed for your dog
  • Made in China
Duvet cover: 100% cotton canvas; Stuff sack: 100% polyester mesh
Machine wash duvet cover on cold, tumble dry
One duvet cover and stuff sack
Small Square: 22" x 27" x 5"; Medium/Large Square: 27" x 36" x 5"; Extra Large Square: 36" x 45" x 5"; Round: 36" D x 5"; Extra Small Square: 20" x 5"; Extra Small Round: 20" x 5"
2-4 lbs
Sustainable Living


4.5 avg. (2 reviews)

Dog bed heaven
12/29/2017 by Christine
I did not realize that 2 animals could love this bed. Bought it for the dog but has to share with the cat. Takes a lot of clothing if u do not lay them flat.
This is a really nice dog bed!
06/29/2017 by Christine
It is very well made and easy to set up. I love that I can put my own old clothing/towels in it, much better than some of the questionable junk that goes in dog beds. My dogs started using it as soon as I put it down and one or the other use it every night to sleep, so thumbs up from the dogs!
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Royals Dog Bed Duvet & Stuff Sack

This dog bed cover is more than cozy—it gives your pup the comforting scent of you. Fill the mesh stuff sack with your no-longer-needed clothes or linens and top with the washable canvas cover. Now your pup has a cozy spot to rest that feels, and smells, like home. Or, if your dog is already attached to his bed, this machine-washable, water-resistant canvas cover fits over that, too.

Molly Mutt

There's something special inside a dog bed cover from Molly Mutt. It can be stuffed with your no-longer-needed clothing or linens, so your scent can stay with your pup all day.

A mesh stuff sack fits inside the washable canvas duvet, holding the clothes and forming the bed. Or, if your dog is already attached to his bed, the cover fits over that, too. And the sturdy, water-resistant canvas designs can get tossed into the washing machine.

Co-Founder Molly Mundt created the stuff sack and duvet system after one too many trips to the laundromat to wash her pups’ beds. Besides wanting to avoid that hassle, she noticed many beds didn’t survive a run through the washing machine.

Her solution saves beds and gives unwanted clothing a new life. Now it’s easy to have a clean place for dogs to curl up—with a scented reminder of their favorite human built in. more Their Story