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  • Eco-friendly Cleaning Set & Bottles by Mortier Pilon - 1
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Eco-friendly Cleaning Set & Bottles

Full Details

  • Instructions: Hand soap: Drop a pod in the pump bottle, fill with lukewarm water and allow to dissolve. Do not fill with water at extreme temperatures. The concentrated soap and water-soluble capsules may take a few minutes to completely dissolve; Cleaning Wipes: Mix 3 tablespoons of white vinegar, one-third cup of water and 2 drops of essential oil. Let the microfiber wipes soak and use to clean any hard surface; Spray Cleaner: Mix a half cup of white vinegar, 1 cup water and 3 drops of essential oil. Spray on any hard surface and wipe. Rinsing not required
  • Cleaning solution is natural, safe and biodegradable
  • Glass bottles are refillable and eliminate the need for single-use plastic dispensers
  • Reduces ecological footprint
  • Soap pods are fully biodegradable and nonperishable
  • Vinegar solution for spray bottle and wipes creates an inhospitable environment for many microorganisms
  • Made in China
Bottles: Soda-lime glass, silicone; Soap dispenser pump: Polypropylene; Hand soap capsule: C9-11 pareth-6, undeceth-5, glycerin, capryloyl/capryl glucoside, sweet orange essential oil, benzalkonium chloride, food-grade dye, polyvinyl alcohol (after diluting); Sweet orange essential oil
Remove sleeves before cleaning. Do not clean at extreme temperatures. Hand wash only
One glass soap dispenser, ten soap capsule refills, one glass spray bottle, three 5 ml bottles of sweet orange essential oil, twelve washable microfiber wipes, one glass cleaning wipes dispenser
Bottle Capacity
Soap dispenser: 11.43 fl oz; Cleaning wipes dispenser: 17.59 fl oz; Spray bottle: 17.59 fl oz
Hand Soap: 7.1'' x 3.2" diameter; Cleaning Wipes: 3.9'' x 3.9” x 5.7''; Spray: 3.6'' x 3.6” x 10.0''; Handsoap refills capsules (each): 1.5" x 0.5'' x 0.5''
Cleaning wipes dispenser: 0.71 lb; Hand soap dispenser: 0.71 lb; Spray bottle: 1.06 lbs


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Eco-friendly Cleaning Set & Bottles

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Create minimal household waste · Reusable glass dispensers · All-natural biodegradable cleaners
This set of biodegradable cleaners will keep your space sparkly clean in an earth-friendlier way. The soap pods, spray cleaner, and reusable wipes are all made with an all-natural formula and come with glass dispensers to eliminate plastic waste.
Small Business Support
Sustainable Living

Mortier Pilon

Mortier Pilon Makers Jonathan Coutu and Jerome De are on a mission to create the goods modern households need to make sustainability part of the everyday routine. Their collection of eco-friendly cleaners and food savers are designed to eliminate the need for single-use plastic and avoid earth-unfriendly cleaning chemicals. They’re tackling mealtime waste with reusable food wraps and bamboo straws. Time to clean up? Mortier Pilon is helping there, too, with biodegradable soap pods, an essential oil-based spray cleaner and, reusable cleaning wipes all housed in glass containers. The team wants to get us all to rethink the way we impact the earth, so everything here is made with minimal (and even zero) waste in mind. It all looks and smells lovely, and does its job in a longer-lasting and more environmentally-conscious way. And, by decreasing our dependence on plastics, it all helps reduce our ecological footprint in the process.
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