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Home Canning Set Home Canning Set

Home Canning Set

Full Details

  • Materials: Glass, plastic
  • Care: Hand wash. Do not put in dishwasher or use with boiling water. Please follow recommended instructions for sterilizing Mortier Pilon products
  • Set Includes: 4 mason-style jars, 8 lids, canning rack, funnel, recipe booklet, and a wax pencil
  • Rewritable labels and wax pencil make it easy to reuse your jars over and over
  • Canning rack allows for easy storage and transportation
  • Redesigned, twist-on lids
  • Capacity: 16 fl oz (for each jar)
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 8.68" x 8.68" x 8.7"
  • Weight: 6.17 lbs


4 avg. (9 reviews)

Makes learning to can fun!
07/31/2018 by Jeanne
Easy to use and adorable
too small
06/15/2018 by Nan
Love these jars and the cute lids. However, I wish they were available in a larger size.
Really Cute
11/21/2017 by Liz
I used these jars to store my homemade olives and artichokes and I just love how sleek they look! The chalkboard lid was really helpful to keep track of when everything was made. I will definitely be buying some for x-mas gifts!
Not worth it for me
10/10/2017 by Linda
These were a lot smaller than I thought. I also thought I was ordering fermenti g jars not canning jars. From the Maker: Hi Linda, Thank you for your review. Each of the 4 Mason Jars in the kit are 0.5L (16oz) which is the same size as the most popular other brands of mason jars (Ball etc). The redesigned Mason jars in this kit are made to store produce and other foods, using 2 different methods of canning. The 4 jars should be able to store food for a few recipes. Please feel free to contact [email protected] if you have any other question; we’ll be happy to help you!
The canning jars are great
01/14/2017 by Chari
I like that he canning jars. One of them cracked and so I am in the process of exchanging it. Grommet has made this process the easiest ever! Thanks Grommet!
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Home Canning Set

This canning set keeps food fresh and looking good. Load up the jars with fermented food, preserves, or anything else you want to store. The kit includes four mason-style jars, a canning funnel, and a canning rack. Update the rewritable label on top of the jar with each fresh batch and secure year-long access to nutrient-rich goodness.

Mortier Pilon

This fermentation pot will help you create nutrient-rich foods that are good for digestion . . . and it looks great doing it.

If you’re not familiar, fermentation introduces helpful bacteria, or probiotics, to balance your digestive system and help it absorb more nutrients. It’s an age-old food preservation technique that—without the right tools—can be as messy as it is beneficial. You put your foods in a type of brine (usually a mixture of salt, water, and vinegar), and a delightful chemical reaction happens.

Mortier Pilon creates the ideal environment for this biological transformation. This vessel has a futuristic look with clean lines, but the design has a purpose. As the organisms inside begin to grow, they create gases. The water seal lets those gases escape, while also keeping air out. An included weight makes sure your veggies stay submerged under the brine and outside the reach of unwanted bacteria.

Get new recipe ideas fresh from the Mortier Pilon cookbook—like pickles and homemade sauerkraut. To keep track of your creations, update the rewritable label. To store your fermented foods in smaller batches, you can use their optional canning jars.

Whether you’re an expert or an amateur, this fermentation crock will get you asking, “Is that fermentable?” more Their Story