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Zigi Band Phone Wrist Strap

Sticks to a phone or case · Prevents drops and fumbles · Strap swivels

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This phone wrist strap lets you keep a phone close at hand without the worry of losing your grip. The super-slim lanyard-style strap attaches to a phone or case, and the strap swivels to prevent any tangling.

  • Instructions: Clean surface, peel back liner to expose adhesive, apply, and press firmly for ten seconds. For wireless charging phones, apply the disc on the bottom of the phone. For best results, apply to non-porous surfaces
  • Strap swivels 360¬∫
  • Slim profile adds minimal thickness to smartphone
  • Please note: Keep out of reach of children
  • Made in China


0.17" x 0.75" diameter; Lanyard: 7.5"


0.06 lb


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MOXYO Maker Lynda Rose was cruising around on a boat when a selfie stumble nearly launched her phone overboard. The idea was born to create a no-fuss, easy way to keep it secure. The Zigi band wrist strap offers proactive protection from phone fumbl…

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