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Portable Pressure Washer

Portable Pressure Washer

Portable clean-ups for pets, gear and more Power-free pressure Spray, scrub, and rinse
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  • Fill tank with warm or cold water. Add soap if desired. Pressurize the tank with several pumps. Use the trigger on the brush head to control flow of water. If water flow decreases, use additional pumps to add more pressure. See guide for more information
  • Trigger on handle controls water flow
  • Portable design requires no power or batteries
  • Spray nozzle features built-in brush
  • Quiet operation makes it great for bathing pets
  • Made in China
Tank: Plastic; Brush: Plastic and nylon
Open cap to release pressure before storing
Five foot hose
Fluid capacity
5 Liters (169 oz) or 8 Liters (270.5 oz)
5 Liter: 12.6" x 9.8 x 7.9"; 8 Liter: 18.5" x 11" x 10.25"
5 Liter: 2 lbs; 8 Liter: 2.6 lbs
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Portable Pressure Washer

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Portable clean-ups for pets, gear and more Power-free pressure Spray, scrub, and rinse
A portable pressure washer rinses anything (like pets, boots, and garden and sports gear) before it can dirty-up your house or vehicle. The self-pressurizing tank needs no power, so you can take it anywhere—just pump and spray. The sprayer’s built-in brush helps scrub stuff down, too.

Mud Daddy

Mud Daddy was made to keep JoJo, Maker Reza Modhadam’s frisky German Shepherd, clean. JoJo loved running in fields and bathing in the mud, but did not like rinses with the garden hose.

Reza created the portable pressure washer to be a gentle, power-free solution. A built-in pump generates spray pressure and a brush head lets you rinse and scrub simultaneously. Beyond dirty dogs (we’re looking at you, JoJo) Mud Daddy works wonderfully to clean lots of other things before they can sully the inside of your car or home, like bikes and garden and sports gear. more Their Story