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  • Additional Accessory Pack by My Mold Detective - 1
  • Additional Accessory Pack by My Mold Detective - 2
  • Additional Accessory Pack by My Mold Detective - 3
  • Additional Accessory Pack by My Mold Detective - 4
  • Additional Accessory Pack by My Mold Detective - 5
  • Additional Accessory Pack by My Mold Detective - 6
  • Additional Accessory Pack by My Mold Detective - 7
  • Additional Accessory Pack by My Mold Detective - 8

Additional Accessory Pack

Full Details

  • Refill for cassettes My Mold Detective (sold separately)
  • Accessory pack contains: Air Sample Cassettes, Surface Sample, Prepaid Mail Envelope, and Instructions. (Accessory pack does NOT include air sample pump)
  • If you already have the Mold Test Kit Pump and would like to test rooms seasonally or for a family member or a second property, these additional samples work with your My Mold Detective to sample additional rooms or spaces
  • Fast to use; just 5 minutes to take a sample
  • Easy-to-read, color-coded lab report with recommendations and next steps included with analysis
  • Find out not only if mold is present and what kind but also if the mold levels are "normal, slightly elevated, or elevated"
  • Additional lab fees apply per sample. Due at time of online sample registration
1.66" x 1.66" x 1.25"
0.16 lbs


Additional Accessory Pack

starting at $21.95

Purchase these add-on cassettes to work with the My Mold Detective kit and test additional rooms or areas in your home.

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My Mold Detective

You’ve heard of “homesick,” but what about “house sick?” That’s when mold levels are higher inside your home than outside. My Mold Detective lets you test for mold in a way that’s easy, accurate, and much less expensive than calling in an indoor air quality (IAQ) professional. Founder Fred Rodriguez spent years in the building industry, seeing firsthand the need for affordable IAQ services. His mold test kit includes professional lab testing and a report that interprets the results for you. Other do-it-yourself home test kits don’t. My Mold Detective also includes tape for lifting samples from surfaces and a pump for taking indoor and outdoor samples. One sample is used to establish the level of mold concentration outside your home. This acts as the “control” sample. Simply set up the control sample and then as many indoor samples as you want to test. Register online, send your samples to the lab in the prepaid envelope, and in five to seven business days you’ll receive a professional report that details the kinds of mold you have and whether the levels are unsafe. (You can also opt for expedited test results.) Note that you pay a lab testing fee for each sample you submit. Still, it’s far more affordable than hiring a professional. With My Mold Detective, you’ll know if it’s time to call in a remediation specialist or if you can breathe easy.