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My Two Ladies
Adjustable Straight Knitting Needle System

The Luxury "Good for your Hands" Brand/PATENTED only needle of its kind/buy only one adjustable cord length

Handle hundreds of stitches with ease. This rosewood knitting needle system helps keep stitches at the forefront of the needle where they are easier to access. Adjust the stopper and spring-loaded slider to keep your knitting tidy and more manageable, even on larger-scale and bulky projects.

  • Creates less stress on the hands, arms, and upper body
  • Features spring-activated sliding stopper to keep all stitches at forefront of the needle
  • Allows knitter to hold hundreds of stitches of any weight yarn
  • Prevents having to stitch panels together
  • Allows user to see project laid out flat versus with circular needles
  • Travel-friendly and packable
Sustainable Living
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


One pair of needles, connected 20" pliable cord to each straight needle, end stopper, and sliding adjustable stopper


9.5" x 4.5" x 1"


0.187 lb


Handcrafted rosewood needle and stoppers, brass coupling, and pliable nylon cord


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My Two Ladies

The rosewood knitting needles from My Two Ladies Knitting are a beautifully made solution that keeps hundreds of stitches at the forefront of the needle and puts less strain on your wrists, too. The needles are handcrafted by a family in India and the special finish used makes them smooth and easy to maneuver. Each one has a rotating, 20-inch cord with a rosewood stopper and a spring-activated slider. Both are adjustable to accommodate different sized projects, and they work together to keep your stitches neat, tight, and easy to reach. While struggling to knit—and wrangle—a bulky blanket, Founder Alexis Mantione had the idea to create this system that she now can’t imagine knitting without. The ladies at the local knitting studio (including the actual Two Ladies) agreed, and gave her clever solution their stamp of approval.

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