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  • FlipFork FLEX 4-In-1 Spatula by MyFlipFork - 1
  • FlipFork FLEX 4-In-1 Spatula by MyFlipFork - 2
  • FlipFork FLEX 4-In-1 Spatula by MyFlipFork - 3
  • FlipFork FLEX 4-In-1 Spatula by MyFlipFork - 4
  • FlipFork FLEX 4-In-1 Spatula by MyFlipFork - 5
  • FlipFork FLEX 4-In-1 Spatula by MyFlipFork - 6
  • FlipFork FLEX 4-In-1 Spatula by MyFlipFork - 7

FlipFork FLEX 4-In-1 Spatula

Full Details

  • Wide spatula for flipping and holding burgers
  • Fork great for picking up and moving steak, sausage, or chicken
  • Knife edge is great for dicing
  • Serrated edge for tenderizing meat
  • Features garlic grater
  • Heat resistant up to 500° Fahrenheit
  • Caution: Blades are sharp. Keep out of reach of children
  • Made in China
100% BPA-free nylon
Dishwasher safe
13.75" x 3.75" x 0.25"
0.5 lb

4.5 avg. (6 reviews)

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FlipFork FLEX 4-In-1 Spatula

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Get cooking with one nylon tool that handles four essential tasks. This 4-in-1 spatula does flipping jobs and has a built-in fork, knife edge, and serrated edge, too. Want to get zesty? The integrated spice grater is great for that.
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Makers Joe Lerario and Craig Rapihana were inspired to make a BBQ multi-tool—when else—while grilling, of course. Trying to handle a spatula and fork (and using a too-small kitchen-size fork for meatier jobs) made the duo want to streamline all the essential functions into one tool. Out at the grill, the heavy-duty BOSS packs five tools (spatula, fork, knife blade, serrated blade, and bottle opener) into one stainless steel and wood-handled tool. Cooking inside? FLEX is the scaled-down nylon counterpart suited for kitchen cooking. It works as a spatula, fork, serrated edge, and spice grater. By putting their heads together and combining all the must-haves, Joe and Craig have made a way to eliminate the all-the-utensils clutter. So you can focus on the cooking job at hand.
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