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Women's Shoe Ice Grips - Brown Women's Shoe Ice Grips - Brown

Women's Shoe Ice Grips - Brown

by Mynxx

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Full Details

  • Material: Thermoplastic rubber and metal
  • Care: Rinse with warm water and mild soap. Dry metal spikes thoroughly
  • Includes one full set of Mynxx ice grips with stainless steel spikes and a nylon waterproof carrying case
  • Compatible only with women's flats, loafers, and flat or low-heeled boots and shoes
  • Do not use with sandals, high heels, wedges, or sneakers
  • Mynxx should fit snuggly around shoe from heel to toe and should remain in place when walking
  • Portable, easy to use, and easy to store
  • Provides extra ice-gripping traction when walking on ice or snow
  • Use caution walking on ice even when using Mynxx
  • Sizing: Small fits sizes 6-7.5; Medium fits sizes sizes 8-9.5; Large fits sizes 10-11
  • Note: If shoe size ranges, always size Mynxx downwards. Mynxx works best with tension and must fit tightly
  • Made in China
  • Weight: 0.34 lb.
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


3.5 avg. (5 reviews)

Don’t stay on
03/16/2019 by Kathy
I ordered them according to recommendations as far as size. The right one continues to come off. It’s very frustrating!
Too small for humans
12/30/2017 by Harvey
Size info incorrect. Cannot be used.
confidential feeling
12/18/2016 by Steve
My wife loves them! She's the original clumsy and crossing the parking lot in our northern latitudes has always been a challenge for her. Now she's quite confident in her footing as she goes shopping...
ice grips
10/28/2016 by amy
they fit my boots, looking forward to trying them in when it's icy.
01/04/2016 by Jan
These arrived in a timely manner and seemed as advertised
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Women's Shoe Ice Grips - Brown

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Mynxx let you rock your cute shoes even when it’s icy or snowy outside. These rubber ice grippers fit snugly over women’s flat or low-heeled shoes and boots. Low-profile and compact, Mynxx are perfect for stashing in your bag. The stainless steel spikes are coated in titanium nitride to provide extra traction in slick conditions, while allowing you to still wear your favorite shoes.


Nothing damages your pride—or ruins your outfit—faster than wiping out on an icy sidewalk. Mynxx lets ladies rock their cute shoes in wet weather without the risk of a fall.

These flexible, water-resistant, rubber ice grips for shoes fit snugly over flats, loafers, and boots with low heels to help gain traction in slick conditions. Unlike snow boots, they don’t add bulk. Mynxx are streamlined and low-profile—often barely noticeable.

Though they are compact, they have enough stability to keep you upright. Stainless steel spikes—coated in titanium nitride, to extend their life—line the soles to help anchor you in a dusting of snow, or in icy or rainy weather.

Founder Veronica Barrow is a fashion-conscious architect who was tired of navigating icy New York streets in her fashionable footwear. After she AND two friends all wiped out together on New Year’s Eve, she began drafting ideas to solve this style-versus-safety problem.

Mynxx fold up easily and store in a travel pouch—perfect for commuters to stash away when they arrive at their destination. Thanks to Mynxx, you and your shoes will still look good while avoiding a wipeout. more Their Story