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Charcoal & Gold Infused Toothbrush Charcoal & Gold Infused Toothbrush

Charcoal & Gold Infused Toothbrush

by Nano-b

Independent Maker

Full Details

  • Materials: Bristles: Gold, bamboo charcoal, PET; Handle: Plastic
  • Antibacterial gold and charcoal infused bristles
  • Rounded bristles ideal for sensitive teeth and gums
  • Two-tier bristle structure mimics flossing to remove plaque
  • Carrying case included
  • Made in South Korea
  • Dimensions: 0.91''D x 8.5''
  • Weight: 0.07 lb
Independent Maker


4.5 avg. (45 reviews)

10/26/2019 by Annemone
I love this toothbrush. I haven't flossed for along time because the finely tapered bristles really clean out the cracks. My dentist hasn't noticed that I've quit flossing. I can't recommend this highly enough.
Cleans well and is gentle
10/24/2019 by Connie
I’m not sure this toothbrush warrants the price, but it cleans well, is gentle to enamel and gingiva, and is quite pretty. It will be this year’s party favor for my Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone will understand, as I’m a dental assistant and love toothbrushes.
Amazing Results
10/18/2019 by Barbara
First time I used this brush, I was amazed by how different my teeth felt. It was as if I had never brushed them clean before. The bristles are smaller, finer, allowing them to clean between teeth better and the difference is unbelievable.
I love this product.
09/18/2019 by Connie
I love this product. A relative saw it on a vacation and asked me where did I get it. I have recommended Grommet to several people.
Cleaner smile with first use!
08/26/2019 by diane
I’m on my third one of these brushes. Pricey, but I noticed improvement in tea stains with the very first brushing! I hate going for dental cleanings, so this helps. Love these brushes
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Charcoal & Gold Infused Toothbrush

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An antibacterial toothbrush starring gold and charcoal might make you do a double take, but both of these natural elements help your mouth get cleaner, and even whiten your teeth. The soft, rounded bristles are infused with nano-particles of gold and bamboo charcoal. Gold is naturally anti-microbial—penetrating bacteria cells and killing them instantly—and charcoal absorbs and kills germs, odors, and stains. All that’s left behind is a sparkling smile.


Nano-b antibacterial toothbrushes cut down on bacteria—both in your mouth and on the brush—and brighten your smile with the help of some unlikely elements.

The bristles are infused with nano-particles of gold or silver, which release negatively charged ions to penetrate bacterial cells and kill them on the spot.

For extra whitening power, the gold-infused bristles also contain particles of bamboo charcoal. It’s a natural purifier that removes acidic plaque and stains, like from coffee and wine. You may already trust charcoal to filter out impurities in your water, and it works the same way in these bristles. The highly porous surface easily absorbs—and essentially suffocates—odors and toxins without leaving any residue or taste behind.

Founder George Tonchev created Nano-b when he couldn’t find the right toothbrush to suit his mom’s sensitive gums. The shorter bristles have staggered heights that reach more easily between teeth, while rounded tips make them extra gentle.

We’re sure George’s mom agrees that his unique toothbrushes really are golden. more Their Story

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