Cast Your Own Planter

By NativeCast


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Cast your own concrete garden planter and plant your own herbs.

  • Made in the USA
  • Includes: Box mold, eco-concrete mix, wooden stirring spoon, organic potting soil, and 3 seed herb pack (basil, parsley, and sage)
  • Instructions: Wet box. Add about 2 oz. of water to concrete and mix. Apply to all interior surfaces of box. Allow to dry for 12-24 hours. Cut away box mold. Insert soil and plant seeds
  • Plant one type of seed at a time
  • Planter size is for starting seeds. Once established, transplant for continued success
  • Box mold is biodegradable
  • Dimensions: Heart, Hexagon, and Square: 2" x 4"; Oval: 2" x 5"
  • Weight: 1 lb.

3 Reviews (2.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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6/13/2015 by RIMA

Its cute
But it would be much better it it could be used more than once


OK with reservations

4/15/2014 by sonja

They have packets of seeds, but no labeling to tell you what
the seeds are. I'm a bit underwhelmed with this idea.



5/24/2014 by Heather

I was not happy with this product. Not what I expected. I thought I would be learning how to make the mixture used to form the planter and that was not what I got. Everything was premixed and the instructions are quite vague. You couldn't even bother to label the herb seeds. Not worth the money.More > < Less

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NativeCast - Cast Your Own Planter

About NativeCast

Firmly Planted

You don't need a green thumb to cast a concrete planter and fill it with fragrant herbs. The NativeCast Kit comes with everything to do both at home, all year round.

Made in Pennsylvania, the kits were inspired by larger scale concrete planters that NativeCast founder Ricky Giacco designs and hand casts for homeowners and landscapers. While concrete is known to be quite dense and heavy, Giacco formulated a lightweight, eco-friendly mix made with materials like sand, shells and pine needles indigenous to the mid-Atlantic region. This proprietary formulation makes pots that are modern looking and porous enough to let air and moisture access the roots.

Perfect for people of all ages, the kits are affordable and portable. They include top quality basil, sage, and parsley seeds from Eden Brothers. Just mix, mold, plant and grow.

Made in a facility where over 90% of all waste is recycled and reused, these kits make it easy to be green.