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Portable Litter Box

Independent Maker

Full Details

  • Durable and claw-resistant
  • Easy to clean fabric with waterproof, seamless liner
  • Easy to pack, fold flat, and it snaps shut
  • High sides prevent litter from spilling out
  • Fits easily in the Collapsible Travel Cat Crate
  • Made in China
Fabric: Polyester; Inner liner: PVC; Padding: Polyethylene
One portable litter box
Wash with soap and water. Pat dry
14.8" x 4.9" x 10.8"
0.9 lb
Independent Maker


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Portable Litter Box

This portable litter box makes going on the go as easy as 1, 2, 3 for cats. Durable and claw-resistant, it snaps together to form a sturdy, high-sided container, then folds down for compact storage. A waterproof, seamless liner makes cleanup a breeze and fits easily into the Necoichi travel cat crate.


Necoichi—which combines the Japanese words for “cats” and “first”—places kitties and the people who love them at the center of each endeavor. Founded by Jun Takeuchi, the team puts great care into developing beautiful and functional products, leading to its top cat-brand status in Japan.
Their portable cat gear—crate, carrier, and litter box—makes traveling a cinch. Each piece is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to clean and stow. One provides a comfy, stress-free space for your kitty. The clever microfiber cat hair remover keeps you clean, too, with a unique design that traps collected dust, hair, and lint from any household surface. Simply swipe to lock in fuzz, then open the back hatch for tidy, compressed disposal. more Their Story