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Ultra-Light Collapsible Cat Carrier

Ultra-Light Collapsible Cat Carrier

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  • Lightweight design makes for easy carrying
  • Twin zippers cannot be opened from the inside, keeping your cat safe and secure
  • Folds quickly and easily for storage during non-use, whether in a cabinet, closet, or under your car seat
  • Extra large ventilation windows help your cat feel at ease
  • Sturdy fabric designed for durability and safety
  • Made in China
Fabric: Polyester; Frame: Stainless steel
One carrier, one elastic band, and one name card
Max weight
17 lbs
19.7" x 15.7" x 13"
1 lb
Small Business Support


5 avg. (1 reviews)

10/22/2019 by Deborah
Lightweight, well constructed and perfect for our small cat who HATES regular carriers. Multiple sight spots are a positive and the design is cosy. This size Will not work with large cats.
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Ultra-Light Collapsible Cat Carrier

This collapsible cat carrier makes kitty travel as minimalist—and as functional—as can be. The sturdy, lightweight design is easy to tote and clean and it folds down quickly for compact storage. Large ventilation windows maximize airflow and visibility, so any cat up to 17 pounds can travel comfortably.


Necoichi—which combines the Japanese words for “cats” and “first”—places kitties and the people who love them at the center of each endeavor. Founded by Jun Takeuchi, the team puts great care into developing beautiful and functional products, leading to its top cat-brand status in Japan.
Their portable cat gear—crate, carrier, and litter box—makes traveling a cinch. Each piece is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to clean and stow. One provides a comfy, stress-free space for your kitty. The clever microfiber cat hair remover keeps you clean, too, with a unique design that traps collected dust, hair, and lint from any household surface. Simply swipe to lock in fuzz, then open the back hatch for tidy, compressed disposal. more Their Story