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Cable Keeper Cable Keeper

Cable Keeper

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  • Made in the USA
  • Materials: Polyester, metal wire
  • Care: Hand wash
  • Organize your cables with ease
  • Identify your cable with the vibrant fabric
  • Protect your cable
  • Full zipper opening for easy install
  • Metal wire structure holds shape
  • Easy to use: Just slip your cords in and zip them up—fits up to 3 cables (depending on the thickness of the cables)
  • Works with virtually any brand mobile device cables (0.25" diameter max)
  • Dimensions: 0.5" x 0.25" x 36"
  • Weight: 0.05 lb
Small Business Support


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It’s a question!
04/22/2019 by Virginia
I did not see anywhere to ask questions, so. . .Is it easy to pull out one of three cables to make shorter without getting them all mixed up? I have about 5 in one area and would leave 4 of them in the pouch and only pull one that I need. And, is it easy to then put back in the pouch with out disturbing the rest? Thank you.
It works
10/27/2018 by David
It works as advertised. Awkward to get sleeve zipped over in-line mic.
Very helpful
05/13/2018 by Karin
Great for eliminating the usual tangle of cords. I bought two, and can immediately tell by the color whether it's for my iPhone or my iPad.
Very helpfulI
01/21/2018 by Linda
Keeping wires organized is always a problem, I’ve tried many products that ultimately do not help. Two weeks now and one does keep multiple wires tidy!
Stiff but don't hold their shape
10/12/2017 by CaptainM
Does not function as described
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Cable Keeper

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Keep your phone chargers, headphones, and other cables organized and untangled with the NEET cable keeper. Easy to zip one or more cables inside and, with bendable wire sewn in, fold or shape your cables and they’ll stay that way.

NEET Cable Keeper

NEET cable keepers are bendable zip-on sleeves for phone chargers, headphones, and other cables. (Because, let’s face it, anything with a cable probably has a tangled cable.)

More proof that inspiration can come from anywhere: this line was inspired by a trip to the jewelers. Peter Chin, a manufacturing pro, was buying a necklace for his wife. He noticed how the clerk wrapped it to make sure the chain stayed tangle free. Realizing all the other things he could untangle, Pete went to work and, less than week later, NEET was born.

Thanks to the bendable wire frame beneath its fabric, after you zip in your cables, you can fold or shape them and they’ll stay that way. Use NEET to store two or more cables as needed…good news for those of you listening to music on your smart phone. And, with multiple, bold colors, cables stay organized and easy to identify. No more wondering whose earbuds are whose. more Their Story

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