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  • Cast Iron 12" Pan Lid by Nest Homeware - 1
  • Cast Iron 12" Pan Lid by Nest Homeware - 2

Cast Iron 12" Pan Lid

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Providence, RI
  • Doubled seasoned with flaxseed oil and ready to use. See care instructions for more information
  • Machine-smooth cooking surface
  • Ergonomic branch-like handle
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Skillet: Cast iron; Screw: Stainless steel
Hand wash with warm water and salt (or a drop of mild dish soap every now and then), dry immediately. Apply a light coat of cooking oil before storing. Do not machine wash
One pre-seasoned self-basting 12" lid
2.75" x 12" diameter
7.5 lbs

3 avg. (1 reviews)

Made in the USA
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Cast Iron 12" Pan Lid

starting at $84.95

Pre-seasoned twice with flaxseed oil · Lightweight, ergonomic, and non-stick
This pre-seasoned, twelve-inch cast iron lid tops off Nest Homeware’s twelve-inch braising pan. Self-basting nubs under the lid cycle moisture back to your dish during cooking. The brass handle resembles a cherry tree branch for an artistic touch.
Made in the USA
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Nest Homeware

Nest Homeware Maker Matt Cavallaro wanted to bring the time-tested material of cast iron into modern kitchens. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Matt developed a lighter, more decorative form of heavy duty cookware first used in ancient China. His mission is to make heirloom-quality cookware that will anchor the kitchen for years to come.
Lighter and more ergonomic than some other cast iron cookware, this fresh take has handles designed for right and left grips. And unlike typical black cast iron, double seasoning with flaxseed oil gives these pots a bronze look. The naturally non-stick coating guards against rust, too.