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Quick Start Grill
Quick Start Portable Charcoal Grill

Electric and portable · Gets hot faster · Cleaner and easier to use · No lighter fluid needed

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This portable electric grill delivers that charcoal-cooked taste in a faster and much more convenient way. Just lay down a layer of charcoal, plug the grill in, and turn up the heat. It can get up to a ready-to-cook 950 degrees in about six minutes with no fire starters or lighter fluid needed, and with less mess on your hands.

  • Refer to the instructions for more information
  • Heating element in the grill lights charcoal for you automatically
  • Perfect for grilling on the go without the hassle or taste of lighter fluid
  • Saves time and helps to reduce carbon emissions produced by traditional charcoal grills
  • Ignites uniformly for even cooking
  • Please note: Do not keep grill plugged in while cooking. Protective gloves or oven mitts should be worn when removing the lid during use
  • Made in China
Sustainable Living


One Quick Start Portable Charcoal Grill and cord


5" x 11" x 17.5"


10 lbs


Grill Body: Carbon steel, wooden handles, steel legs; Cooking grid: Stainless steel; Heating element: Incoloy 800; Charcoal grate: Carbon steel


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