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Finger Safety Cutter Finger Safety Cutter

Finger Safety Cutter

by Nimble

Full Details

  • Materials: Silicone rubber, ABS plastic & zirconia ceramic blade
  • Care: Hand wash
  • Instructions: Place your finger tip with the head facing down. Apply pressure and draw a line to make a cut. Your finger should be at 45 degree angle. Use a cutting surface underneath as needed. Do not use in direct contact with skin
  • Great for opening packages, food packaging, and letters
  • Perfect for cutting through tape, paper & wrapping paper
  • One-size-fits-most rubber sleeve
  • Bright yellow color makes it easy to identify in a drawer
  • Can cut through up to three pieces of paper at a time
  • Especially useful for people with hand disabilities
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 0.75" diameter
  • Weight: 0.013 lb


3.5 avg. (100 reviews)

12/26/2019 by Deidre
Unless I got a defective one, this product failed to perform as advertised. I gave it two stars because it was a good idea!
Looks easy
11/02/2019 by Esther
Doesn’t work like it says, use it sometimes
Use it all the time
11/01/2019 by Kathleen
How did I live without. This thingy slices open bags, boxes, whatever just like that. Comfortable and safe to use. Recommended!
Use with dominant hand
10/31/2019 by Annette
Put this tool in the same place as the thing you usually reach for to slice things open with. This thing works fine on any surface you can make taut. The fact is, I keep reaching for it to open boxes that turn out not to be so tightly stretched. It does do the job, but getting used to it is like learning a new instrument. I grew up with grown-ups putting cutting tools in my right hand. But I’m left-handed. Now I find that I have more control with this tool using my left hand. Strange, yet wonderful.
It would work well if it fit more tightly
07/27/2019 by Maxi
I like it when I can hold it on my finger so it doesn't come off when cutting.
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Finger Safety Cutter

This finger safety cutter opens envelopes, clips coupons, and does other jobs scissors typically do—but in an easier and safer way. Pop it on your finger and get to cutting with an embedded ceramic blade. It’s a great tool for folks who struggle with dexterity or anyone who wants a quicker way to make cuts.


Pop this finger safety cutter on to do the envelope opening, package opening, and coupon clipping job that scissors usually do.

Nimble does it with just a fingertip—and with a safer, ceramic blade. It easily glides through packing tape and up to three sheets of paper with a simple swipe.

This smart cutter was Simon Lyons’ entry in a design contest. The challenge was to make a problem solver for elderly and disabled persons. He won (yay!) because Nimble lets folks cut things without needing to grip, which is challenging for those with limited dexterity. And he made his design bright yellow so those with visual impairments can easily spot it in a drawer, too.

Like many great ideas, Simon’s design is smart for more than its original purpose. It’s perfect for anyone who wants cut things more quickly and easily. more Their Story