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  • Elite Silicone Electric Face Brush by Nion Beauty - 1
  • Elite Silicone Electric Face Brush by Nion Beauty - 2
  • Elite Silicone Electric Face Brush by Nion Beauty - 3
  • Elite Silicone Electric Face Brush by Nion Beauty - 4
  • Elite Silicone Electric Face Brush by Nion Beauty - 5
  • Elite Silicone Electric Face Brush by Nion Beauty - 6

Elite Silicone Electric Face Brush

Full Details

  • Materials: ABS, S-Ion Technology® silicone with aluminum alloy base, electronics
  • Care: There is no need to change or replace the cleansing brush, simply wash with soap and water as needed and allow to air dry
  • Includes: One cleansing brush, rechargeable lithium polymer battery, and USB charging base; USB charging plug is not included
  • Instructions: Lather face with cleanser of choice, wet the bristles, and turn on the unit. Choose the desired speed and gently glide over skin. The integrated timer will let you know when to switch sides of your face. For a rejuvenating massage, use the reverse side of the cleansing head. While the unit is turned on, hold the power button for 1.5 seconds to activate pulses for skin-lifting treatment
  • Largest facial brush with 200% more cleaning surface than Luxe model
  • Uses gentle vibrations to loosen the dirt on the surface of the skin, enabling you to wash away impurities without stripping your skin of its natural defenses
  • Features 5 different vibration speeds and integrated timer that notifies you when to switch sides of face
  • Features cleansing brush and anti-aging skin-lifting surface on the reverse for rejuvenating massage
  • Silicone is infused with Tourmaline, an organic mineral compound that naturally releases negative ions that cleanse the skin and counteract environmental toxins
  • Silicone bristles are soft, durable, and antibacterial, featuring a 45-degree angle at the tip of each bristle that delivers kinetic energy to pores and allows brush to glide over skin with no friction
  • Unique, ergonomic design with auto-contouring head
  • Safe for use in shower or bathtub
  • Please note: Device can be used with any USB charging adapter plug (not included). Keep silicone surface away from sharp objects
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 2" x 3" x 4"
  • Weight: 0.2 lb

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Elite Silicone Electric Face Brush

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Cleanse skin with an electric face brush that ditches traditional bristles in favor of better-for-skin antibacterial silicone. The brush is rechargeable and shower-safe, and vibrates to help the silicone glide over skin without causing abrasive friction. And this special silicone is imbued with Tourmaline, which produces health- and mood-boosting negative ions.
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Nion Beauty

Electric face brushes are a great way to get skin clean, but the bristles can harbor bacteria, and the heads need frequent replacing. So we were drawn to the antibacterial, silicone cleansing brushes from Nion Beauty for their bristle-free designs. They don’t use friction to clean skin, but let gentle vibrations do the job instead. All Nion Beauty’s brushes have a 45-degree sloping design that glides smoothly over skin and are made with antibacterial silicone that takes the cleaner, gentler place of traditional bristles. The silicone is imbued with Tourmaline, a natural material that produces negative ions thought to boost circulation and counteract toxins. There's a brush that delivers a skin-lifting pulsating massage along with cleansing, and brushes that are rechargeable and can be used in the shower. The skin-pleasing benefits combine with beautiful design to result in cordless brushes you’ll appreciate as much as your skin will.
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