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NomadClip NomadClip


by Nomad

Full Details

  • Materials: Bayer polycarbonate and reinforced stainless steel
  • Carabiner charging cable for micro-USB or Apple products
  • Charge and/or sync your smartphone from any USB port, anywhere
  • Scratch-resistant metal
  • USB ports are universal, worldwide, and in basically every room, so you'll be able to plug in whenever you need it
  • Forget about carrying around your cords and charger, you'll always have your NomadClip on your keychain
  • Not for climbing, non-weight bearing
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 4.3" x 8" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 0.12 lb.
  • Lightning (Apple Certified): Works with iPhone 6/6+, iPhone 5s/5c/5, iPad Air, iPad (4th gen.), iPad mini/mini retina, iPod touch (5th gen.), iPod nano (7th gen.), tablets, Jambox, GPS, cameras, Chromebook and more
  • Micro-USB: Works with Android (Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, etc.), Windows Phone (all versions), Blackberry (all versions), tablets, Jambox, GPS, cameras, Chromebook and more


4.5 avg. (15 reviews)

Great Ideas But...
06/26/2016 by William
OK, the charging cube is a great idea; as are the carabiner and the key ring version... except the carabiner is a lot of money for what is, essentially, a short USB cable. The key ring USB seems to have it's connections exposed to not only your keys but whatever else you have in your pockets. The delicate connectors will be easily damaged and the USB plug full of dust and other pocket debris. Now if the Carabiner was, in itself, a small charger then you'd have a killer product. Simple end caps on the key ring version would solve the pocket dust issue. Early days, please consider refining and enhancing these great ideas and you'll be on a winner. Kind regards, Bill
Nice idea but a little cumbersome
06/20/2016 by Nova
I like the size and idea of this charger. However, I have to remove my phone case to use so I wish the design on the end that goes into the iPhone 6 port was a little longer so the cover didn't have to be removed.
Great Produc
04/26/2016 by RoAnne
The NomadClip is useful, reliable, compact and convenient.
Great product!
01/27/2016 by Fiola
I purchased two Nomad Clips as gifts. I use one myself and have found it to be very easy to use. What I like most is that I always have a way of charging my iPhone. I keep the Nomad Clip on my purse. It is a very handy gadget!
Not as thrilled as I thought I would be...
01/20/2016 by Mary
For some reason when I read the description of this product, I assumed it had battery pack does not. It is cool looking, but if I had known that it simply is a cable, I would not have paid that much for a caribener/cable - I thought there was more to it. It looks cool, but really it's just a fancy power cable. I may try to return it.
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The NomadClip is a carabiner-style metal loop clip that doubles as a phone charger. Two fold-out jacks connect your phone or tablet to any USB port.


Nomad makes useful items that double as device chargers, freeing you from the need to always have a traditional charger on hand. Inventively woven into key chains, carabiner clips, and battery packs, Nomad makes it easy to stay powered up.

When co-founder Noah Dentzel started thinking of these solutions, he himself was a bit of a nomad. Traveling around Spain, he was tired of trying to keep a phone charger handy. Noah’s idea: nest device chargers into everyday items.

With co-founder Brian Hahn, the two conceptualized the Nomad chargers, starting with the NomadKey. This small USB jack clips easily onto a keychain, so you never have to worry about forgetting your charger (unless you also forget your keys!).

Noah and Brian kept the momentum going with the NomadClip, NomadPlus, and the Apple Watch Charging Pod.

Like the Nomad name implies, these accessories are ready to keep you connected anywhere you go. more Their Story

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