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Stainless Steel Sauteuse Pan

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The ferritic stainless steel pans from SOLIDTEKNICS are built to last a lifetime. Made in the USA from U.S.-sourced steel, the sauteuse pan heats up evenly and faster than an aluminum pan. It has a seamless one piece construction that boosts durability—no screws, rivets, or gaps for build-up to collect. The pan works with a variety of heat sources and can go into the oven, onto an open flame, and cleans up in the dishwasher.

  • Made in Chicago, Illinois
  • Made for a Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made with high-conductivity U.S.-made stainless steel
  • Solid 3 mm thick one piece construction for even heating
  • Can be used on induction, gas, ceramic halogen, electric, oven, or open flame surfaces
  • One piece construction is free of rivets, welds, or screws for improved durability and hygiene over time
  • Ferritic stainless steel is magnetic (not magnetized) for increased conductivity
  • Handle designed for more control and less arm fatigue
  • Lyonnaise-style sauteuse is perfect for braising and slow cooking, particularly acidic sauces, stews, curries and more that are too harsh for seasoned iron


8" Pan: 17.4" x 6.13" x 2.3"; 11" Pan: 21.5" x 8" x 2.63"


8" Pan: 2 lbs; 11" Pan: 4 lbs


100% ferritic non-nickel stainless steel


Soakable and dishwasher safe


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