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Exfoliating Skin Care Kit

Soften and soothe skin · Himalayan sea salt scrub exfoliates · Botanical bath tea hydrates


The exfoliating skincare kit helps promote soft skin and a relaxed all-of-you. Target dryness with the Himalayan sea salt scrub and then soak stress away with a relaxing and hydrating therapeutic bath infused with calming and soothing botanicals.

  • Made in San Marcos, California
  • Instructions: For the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Body Scrub, scoop out a generous amount of scrub and apply to skin while in the shower or bath. Gently massage into skin and rinse with warm water. For the Therapeutic Botanical Bath Tea, fill reusable tea bag 3/4 full and tie to a close. Hang tea bag on faucet and run warm water into bath over bag. Remove bag from faucet when tub is full, and squeeze into water to intensify the concentration of the tea bath. Muslin bag with tea can then be used to wash and soften the skin
  • The Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Body Scrub exfoliates and smooths the skin to leave your body feeling soft, supple, and hydrated
  • Use the Therapeutic Botanical Bath Tea to hydrate and nourish the skin. Ingredients work together to create a therapeutic bath to promote stress relief and relaxation
Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


One Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Body Scrub, one Therapeutic Botanical Bath Tea, one unbleached cotton muslin reusable tea bag


Skin Toner Hydrosol Spray: 5" x 1.5" diameter; French Green Clay Detox Mask: 2.75" x 2.375" diameter


Skin Toner Hydrosol Spray: 0.28 lb; French Green Clay Detox Mask: 0.53 lb


Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Body Scrub: Himalayan pink salt, coconut oil (cocos nucifera), sweet orange essential oil (citrus sinensis var dulcis); Therapeutic Botanical Bath Tea: Lavender flowers (lavandula angustifolia), chamomile flowers (chamomilla recuti


Skin Toner Hydrosol Spray: 5" x 1.5" diameter; French Green Clay Detox Mask: 2.75" x 2.375" diameter


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