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  • Skin Smoothing Dry Brush by NONIKO - 1

Skin Smoothing Dry Brush


Full Details

  • Instructions: Before showering, use controlled gentle strokes to brush the entire body. Start with the extremities and brush toward the heart. For the stomach, work in a clockwise pattern. Be sure not to press too hard. A soft, smooth stroke works best
  • Crafted with natural boar hair bristles from Germany
  • Smooths skin while exfoliating dead skin cells and unclogging pores
  • Assists in promoting circulation
  • Invigorating practice to provide a natural energy boost
  • Made in the USA: San Marcos, CA with bristles from Germany
Pearwood brush with natural bristles
Store in a dry place
2.125" x 1.625" x 4"
0.13 lb

4 avg. (3 reviews)

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Skin Smoothing Dry Brush


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Crafted in Germany · Pear wood and natural bristles · Smooths and energizes
This skin-smoothing dry brush is crafted in Germany with pear wood and natural bristles. Incorporate brushing in your daily routine to encourage smoother skin and an energized feeling all over.
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


The mission behind NONIKO’s clean beauty products comes from Makers Sephra Regan and Kerri Leslie. Sephra is a breast cancer survivor. Her own early detection and double mastectomy were the inspiration for creating Boob Balm. Originally made to help ease scarring associated with breast cancer, Sephra and Kerri soon realized it also served as a way to help women practice regular breast massage and self exams. Sephra is also an esthetician, so she knew just what to put into the moisturizing balm that glides on like oil and absorbs like lotion into skin. It’s packed with natural ingredients chosen for their healing properties, as well as those thought to be beneficial to breast health—things like frankincense, chamomile, Argan oil, calendula, and comfrey—that also work to minimize the signs of aging and sun damage on the chest. Sephra and Kerri’s feel-good mission has lots of meaning. When you know your body better, you can better detect changes, just like Sephra did. And you can feel good about the natural approach they’re taking to help women know their normal.
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