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Interchangeable Putting Set Interchangeable Putting Set

Interchangeable Putting Set

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  • Modular, interchangeable design
  • Configurable in 25 different ways
  • Durable, injection molded frame and UV-treated grass
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Made in China
ABS plastic, synthetic grass, foam
Four modular pieces (one hole, one obstacle, one curve and one straight), one putter, two foam golf balls
70" x 20" x 3"
13 lbs
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3.5 avg. (5 reviews)

Instant success
01/06/2018 by Bailey
My 10-year-old grandson loved this - started setting it up before all Christmas presents were unwrapped. It has worked out well for him. His 2-year-old brother is also very interested, and finds ways to participate, though not by the book.
Christmas Gift for Grandson
02/18/2017 by Tina
I had high hopes for Noochie Golf. My 6 year old grandson loves to play putt putt. Noochie Golf lasted less than one month, then it was trashed. Set was not well made and broke quickly. I hate this because I had high hopes.
4 yr old Grandson LOVES IT!
01/13/2017 by Susan
I gave this to my 4 yr old Grandson for Christmas. It went together super easy, and he played non-stop with it for 45 min or so!?! It's truly a kids toy -- not for adults. It's easy to move and sturdy enough to hold a 4 or 5 yr old constantly walking across it. The price seems a bit high for what it is, but my grandson is thrilled with it.
12/11/2016 by Noel
This was an early Christmas gift for my young grandsons that really like golf. They were thrilled, especially the younger of the two. It fit together easily and disassembled easily to take home again. The versatility of Noochie Golf is great as well. I would have liked there to be two clubs, different colors, so both boys could play. Thank you.
It's a childs toy
10/31/2016 by Kathy
I found this under "Shop Mens". I was looking for a birthday gift for an adult. I never took it out of the plan brown box it came in so I had NO IDEA it was for a child!! How embarrassed was I when the recipient opened it. It says for "6+ years old". This item should be listed under KIDS not adults. Very, very disappointed! The recipient took the gift and graciously said his children will love it. Nice item BUT NOT FOR ADULTS!!
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Interchangeable Putting Set

Customize your own modular mini golf set and play in the living room, garage, backyard, or office. Noochie Golf, invented by grade schoolers and brothers Tre and Dom, can be configured up to 25 different ways. The included golf ball is made of foam so it’s friendly to play indoors or out. Even grownups will enjoy a round—or several.

Noochie Golf

With this modular mini golf set, the nearest putting green is just around the corner—of your room, office, or backyard. Set up obstacles and reconfigure the interlocking pieces to challenge yourself or make creative use of your surroundings.

Brothers and budding entrepreneurs Tre and Dom (a.k.a. “The Nooch”) came up with the idea for Noochie Golf after a mini-golfing trip—and before they even graduated elementary school. Their first prototype was made with plastic bottles, cereal boxes, and other objects around the house. They knew they were onto something.

Their invention lets you putt putt in- or outdoors—the soft foam balls are especially friendly for inside the house. Grownups can play, too. We admit to having more than our share of fun trying it out in the office. Luckily, doing a custom setup was super intuitive.

Thanks to Dom and Tre, mini golf is now just a few steps (or office cubicles) away. more Their Story