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  • IQbuds Wireless Assistive Audio Earbuds by Nuheara - 1
  • IQbuds Wireless Assistive Audio Earbuds by Nuheara - 2
  • IQbuds Wireless Assistive Audio Earbuds by Nuheara - 3
  • IQbuds Wireless Assistive Audio Earbuds by Nuheara - 4
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IQbuds Wireless Assistive Audio Earbuds

by Nuheara

Full Details

  • Instructions to pair device: Put on IQbuds, press and hold tap-touch sensor for 5 seconds until notification sound plays. Pair with device using Bluetooth connectivity
  • See full user manual for more detailed use instructions
  • Powered by SINC (Super Intelligent Noise Control) technology; lets users elevate what they want to hear and reduce what they don’t want to hear
  • Applies frequency filter to sounds around users
  • Free IQbuds app to personalize listening profile. Different locations/environments have preset SINC levels (i.e., restaurant, work, street, driving)
  • Can set profiles for left and right ears independently
  • Enhances the ability to hear speech in crowded spaces, helps those with mild/moderate hearing loss
  • Tap-touch control allows a tap or two on the earbuds to make hands-free phone calls, accept/reject calls, access Siri and Google, control music, and select different hearing/noise-cancellation settings
  • Charging case provides 3 full charges with a charge time of 1.5 hours
  • Bluetooth streaming battery life of 16 hours with case; 4 hours without case
  • SINC processing battery life of 32 hours with case; 8 hours without case
  • Earbuds do not need to be connected to device for noise-cancelling capabilities to function
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth-connected devices using Bluetooth 4.2
  • Uses fully-rechargeable lithium ion batteries with a battery lifetime of 2-3 years (not replaceable)
  • Made in China
Silicone, lithium ion batteries
Sweat- and water-resistant, not waterproof. Keep in charging case when not in use
IQbuds earbuds, battery charger/carrying case, and 8 different silicone tips (round and oval, XS-XL)
Battery life
The lifetime of the coin cell battery is dependent on the number of recharges. Average lifetime of 500 charge/discharge cycles before the battery capacity drops to 80%. Light user of three times a week should allow for 4-5 years of use while heavy users charging 10 times a week would get about 2 years of full battery capacity use. Lifetime may be extended depending on user's battery capacity acceptability up to 1,000 + charges
7.4" x 4" x 2.89"
0.19 lb

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IQbuds Wireless Assistive Audio Earbuds

by Nuheara

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These Bluetooth earbuds are app-enabled to create a custom sound experience tailored just for you. They enhance your natural hearing by amplifying or minimizing sounds to isolate just what you want to listen in on—like a conversation in a noisy restaurant. And the low profile design seamlessly lends a hand (or, more accurately, an ear) without drawing attention.

Bruce Borenstein

IQBuds combine a Bluetooth headset and noise-cancelling headphones in sleek earbuds that enhance your natural hearing.

Superior Intelligent Noise Control, or SINC, is the customizable technology that lets you create a custom hearing experience tailored to your needs. It can amplify or minimize sound to help you hear better in situations you might typically struggle in—like hearing a conversation in a noisy restaurant or listening to music without totally blocking out surrounding sounds.

Customize your preferences and surroundings in the app. SINC then applies a frequency filter to the sounds you do and don’t want to hear.

Co-Founders Justin Miller and David Cannington were working on industrial-strength hearing headsets for gas and oil workers. When many of their testers expressed interest in a sleeker everyday version, they listened.