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The Original Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

Keep the crunch in every spoonful · Handy grip for easy eating · Great for soup and crackers, too

This never-soggy cereal bowl keeps the crunch in every bite by separating milk and cereal. Spoon cereal down the slide and into the milk when you’re ready for a bite. An integrated grip makes for easy eating anywhere, and it’s a great soup-and-crackers solution, too. Made in the USA.

  • Made in Corona, California
  • Instructions: Pour cereal in upper section of the bowl and milk in the lower section. Slide cereal to milk section to mix together
  • Patented spiral slide design helps keep cereal crispy bite after bite
  • Deep sides prevent spilling
  • Built-in grip for security, making the bowl easy to hold while watching TV or in bed with no mess
Made in the USA


One cereal bowl


7" x 7" x 4"


0.7 lb


Food-grade polypropylene


Dishwasher safe


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Obol came to Maker Michael Roberts while he was eating cereal that was too quickly turning soggy. An online search for a solution turned up nothing. He knew he wasn’t alone in his love of crunchy cereal, so Michael got to work on a new idea. Surprisingly, it was a curved slide at a swimming pool that led to his never-soggy innovation. Obol separates the cereal from the milk. Simple, but so smart. Spoon cereal down the slide into milk to make each mouthful a crunchy one. An integrated grip and deep sides lets you eat cereal easily anywhere—watching TV, at a desk, or in bed—while keeping spills to a minimum. The crunchiness doesn’t stop with cereal. Reach for Obol to enjoy soup and crackers and chips and dip, too.

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