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Insulated Microwavable Casserole Bowl Insulated Microwavable Casserole Bowl

Insulated Microwavable Casserole Bowl

by Oggi

Full Details

  • Food safe inner stainless steel bowl is safe to use in the microwave
  • Great for entertaining outdoors. Hot food stays hot and cold food stays cold
  • Lid locks into place, great for transporting dishes to a party, potluck, or picnic
  • Patent pending
  • BPA-free
  • Some bowls may have Milton branding
  • Please note: Bowls are not oven safe
  • Made in India
Polypropylene 80%, stainless steel 20%
Hand wash
One bowl, one lid
1 qt: 7" x 5" diameter; 1.6 qt: 9" x 5.5" diameter; 2.6 qt: 9.25" x 6" diameter
1 qt: 0.94 lb; 1.6 qt: 1.48 lbs; 2.6 qt: 1.88 lbs


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Insulated Microwavable Casserole Bowl

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This insulated microwavable casserole bowl solves the problem of serving dishes at the right temperature and looking good at the same time. Its inner stainless steel bowl can be put in the microwave—yes, the microwave—and has an insulating plastic exterior that keeps hot foods warm and cold foods chilled. It also has a locking lid, so you can transport your masterpiece wherever you're headed.


Oggi’s insulated bowls with lids solve an age-old serving dilemma: how to keep dishes at the just-right temperature in a way that looks table-ready.

Both the stainless steel bowls and microwave-friendly plastic ones have a polished-looking finish that belies their temperature-regulating functionality. Fill a stainless steel design with hot water to warm it up for hot foods, or chill it in the freezer or fill it with cold water to keep it cool for cold foods. Going from the microwave to the table? There’s a bowl built to safely do the job of keeping food warm and looking presentable.

Both types of bowls can maintain temperature thanks to double-wall insulation that eliminates drippy condensation, too. Serving with an Oggi means your dishes are presented with the finish—and at the temperature—they deserve. more Their Story

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