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One Second Plumber
Instant Drain Opener

Clears most blocked drains in seconds · No acids, lye, CFC’s, or harmful chemicals · Up to 12 uses

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The One Second Plumber drain opener clears clogged drains in a flash—and without harsh chemicals. It’s effective on stubborn clogs and obstructions and works on any sink, toilet, tub, or floor drain. It can be reused up to 12 times and is safe for septic systems.

  • Instructions: Invert the can over the blocked drain and make sure there is water in the blue cap, plug any overflow or double sink drain, firmly press down and release immediately. When the formula in the can is released and comes in contact with water, it expands rapidly, creating a standing wave and uses the water in the pipe to act as a ram pushing the blockage through
  • Clears most blocked drains in seconds using a mixture of gasses. No acids, lye, CFC's or harmful chemicals
  • Works on any sink, toilet, tub, shower, floor drain, garburator, or urinal and is even safe to use on boats, RV's and septic systems
  • Up to 12 uses per can
  • safe on any 'sound' plumbing
  • Please note: Read all instructions included in packaging before use. Keep away from heat and flames. Do not use on clogged drains where acid or lye drain openers may still be present. Splashback of acid or lye can burn skin or eyes. Avoid inhaling gases
  • Made in Canada
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Two aerosol cans, handle, universal adapter, cap


Can (each): 8" x 2.75" diameter; Can with handle: 17" height; Sink drain adapter: 2.63" diameter; Floor drain adapter: 6" diameter


1.6 lbs


HH aerosol can, plastic


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One Second Plumber

Josef, the Maker of One Second Plumber, developed this instant drain opener over thirty years ago. He was frustrated with other solutions which couldn’t clear all types of drains and could be harmful to the environment. Plus, some others took too long to use or were difficult to apply. Three decades later, the company is still going strong, and now his son Harry is in the fold. The ease and safety of One Second Plumber has been a cornerstone of the family company’s success. It works instantly, without harsh chemicals, acid, or lye. Whether you have a stubborn or obstructed drain in your sink, toilet, shower, floor, or tub, One Second Plumber is on the case. Each can has twelve uses and it’s even safe on septic systems too.

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