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TWIST Plus World Adapter DUO

Full Details

  • For a full list of countries and their respective outlet style, please see the full list of countries
  • Made with unique twist and release mechanism
  • Extension port designed to be used with all MacBook power adapters
  • Device compatible with Apple MagSafe 1 & 2 adapters, Apple 17W & 12W
  • USB adapters and all USB models
  • Powerful, 3.4A/17W USB charging
  • Universal sockets work in over 150 countries
  • Can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Built-in fuse protection
  • MacBook charging adapter not included
  • Made in China
PC plastic, metal
Two USB ports, universal AC outlet & MagSafe extension port
3.4" x 2.25" x 3"
0.39 lb

4 avg. (25 reviews)

Won't run a hairdryer
07/07/2019 by Jim
Two problems - 1) it won't run a hairdryer, and 2) in Ireland it was difficult to move the outlet switch because the unit partially covered it
Perfect for world travel
06/27/2019 by Marianne
I have used this adapter in Peru, Morocco and Italy and it works perfectly. The two USB ports make it easy to recharge devises in addition to operating regular plug-ins. It is compact and small enough to easily fit into my carry-on luggage. I like it so much that I also bought one as a gift for a fellow traveler.
03/06/2019 by Kathy
Could not get this to work in NZ. Very disappointed after all the rave reviews. Found many other adapters on our travels that were smaller and lighter. Waste of money.
Rather large
02/13/2019 by Sharon
I took this on a trip to Greece. Though it works well and had the necessary adaptors, it seemed large and a little cumbersome compared to my friends adaptor.
04/24/2018 by Kenneth
I looked at the Twist website and they have more models, however this one was perfect for our travel use. The big white square part is the transformer you get with an Apple laptop, so you remove a small square on the Twist adapter and then you slide in the Apple transformer and it makes a solid connection. This adapter is very easy to use and smart. Somewhere I have the complete set of adapters however it is very easy to lose one, forget one, and to pack. This one is perfect and I am grateful
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Underrepresented Entrepreneur

TWIST Plus World Adapter DUO

With a simple twist, this universal travel adapter works in 150 countries. Turn the base to find the right adapter and power up to four devices at once. TWIST Plus has two USB ports, an AC adapter for almost any plug, and a built-in MacBook charging port. Charge your devices with a single outlet, anywhere you are.
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

Michael Ma

Outlet-stingy hotels were a problem for OneAdaptr Maker Michael Ma. During a work trip, he and his coworkers used all the outlets in their rooms and the lobby just to charge up. Michael wanted an adapter that worked all over the world and had multiple charging ports, too. Years of planning and prototypes lead to the creation of the first TWIST World Adapter.

Since then, OneAdaptr has expanded to cover all the charging (and outlet) bases so you can travel a little smarter and a little lighter. The universal travel adapters work in over 150 countries and are super easy to use. Just pick the one that suits your power needs and give the base a twist to raise the adapter you need.