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Single Non-Slip Pet Bowl & Mat Set

Single Non-Slip Pet Bowl & Mat Set

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  • Materials: Food-grade silicone (BPA-, BPS-, PVC-, and phthalate-free), stainless steel
  • Care: Mat and stainless steel bowl can be cleaned with warm soapy water or placed in the dishwasher. The mat’s suction feature works best when the underside of the mat is clean
  • Includes: One silicone mat, one stainless steel bowl
  • Mat suctions to any flat surface, as long as air cannot get underneath
  • Keeps the floors surrounding your pet's feeding area mess-free
  • Removable stainless steel bowls make for easy refills and cleaning
  • Mat is easy to clean and will not fade or deteriorate
  • Raised inner edge catches spills
  • Tapered outer edge prevents dogs and children from pulling up the mat
  • Silicone prevents damage to floors and does not support the growth of mold or bacteria
  • FDA Approved and CPSC Certified
  • Please note: For indoor use only
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 16 oz: 10" x 10" x 1.6"; 32 oz: 11.5" x 11.5" x 1.9"
  • Weight: 16 oz: 1 lb; 32 oz: 1.5 lbs
Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4.5 avg. (36 reviews)

10/12/2019 by Lorna
I love this non skid water dish. My cat (Miley) knocked over every dish I used, no matter how heavy. I love GROMMET, what will they come up with next
Great and clean pet bowl
10/06/2019 by Deborah
This is an excellent, well made pet bowl! Easy to keep clean, stays stationary on the counter and keeps feeding area clean. Great bowl design, size and depth for both our finicky eater little cat and our big cat guy who eats whenever he can. I highly recommend this product!!
Works well. Bowl won’t slip.
06/27/2019 by Diana
The mat does not slip or allow the bowl to come out of the holder no matter how enthusiastic my dog is about his dinner. Also easy to clean.
Stays in place
04/14/2019 by Cate
Much neater, easy to keep clean, good quality.
04/05/2019 by Gail
This is by far the best water bowl we have owned. Someone would accidentally kick the old bowls and water would go everywhere. Now, the only time my kitchen floor gets wet is when I wash it on purpose.
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Single Non-Slip Pet Bowl & Mat Set

Teach your pet some mealtime manners. This non-slip silicone pet bowl mat creates a tight seal against flat surfaces, keeping your pet’s bowl in place during mealtime. The mat has a raised inner edge to catch any spills and a tapered outer one to prevent pets (and kids) from pulling up the mat. And the food-grade silicone is super easy to clean.


The non-slip, spill-proof silicone pet bowl mats from Ono can tidy up mealtime for your four-legged family members. Their design is molded, which makes sure your pet’s bowl stays put, preventing spills and catching any mess.

The food-grade silicone creates a tight seal against flat surfaces, and—like its refillable stainless steel bowl counterpart—it’s super easy to wash. With most bowls, the wet food dries, hardens, and sticks, but with this one, the pet parents in the office really appreciated that it comes right off.

Ono’s raised inner edge catches liquid spills and the tapered outer edge keeps pets and kids from pulling the mat up. It’s easy for cats and dogs to eat and drink from—and even easier for you to keep the feeding area clean. more Their Story